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Stan, Automotive Engineer
Category: UK Car
Satisfied Customers: 3526
Experience:  Bachelor's in Automotive Engineering, MB certified diagnosis technician
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Stan I have a 2006 sclass w221 cd, just taken to the garage

Customer Question

Hi Stan
I have a 2006 sclass w221 cd, just taken to the garage and said I need some new part (it has stood for approx 6 months). the codes are
2513-001,2668-002,2270-004 and als0 2299-001 fault 21,2230-001fault 13,2231-001fault14. also 0717y3/8n1
They said I needed a new intake motor,02 sensor, glow relay and glow plugs circa £1200. Is there anyway of double-checking if these parts work
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Stan replied 1 year ago.


The workshop is more or less on the right track. But below are the fault codes descriptions with the addtional test steps and suggestions for repairs.

Also the fault codes in transmission should be checked.

It is better to replace all glow plugs at the same time.

The intake motor should be checked if oil is leaking on it from the turbo connections.

2299 (001) Event:Transmission controlETC FAULT21

2230 (001) Event:Transmission controlETC FAULT13

2231 (001) Event:Transmission controlETC FAULT14

2270 (004) N14/3 (Glow time output stage), At least one of the glow plugs is not actuated.

2513 (001) Check component M55 (Inlet port shutoff motor). Positioner signals fault.

1. Check whether the EKAS actuator motor moves into position on "Ignition ON" and "Ignition OFF", or alternatively check the actuation function with Star Diagnosis.
If vibrations of the adjusting mechanism are observed (EKAS actuator motor moving against resistance/mechanical limit stop), check and adjust basic setting or connecting linkage.
If the actuator is not observed to move, loosen the linkage (slacken clamp screw), switch off ignition for approx. 10 s and then initiate the actuation again. Then perform basic setting of EKAS linkage (see above).

See testing/repair work in WIS: Group 09.00

2. Unplug and reconnect all connectors on EKAS actuator motor and on CDI 4/5 engine control unit, and check routing of wiring harness, looking in particular for trapped/kinked wires under the charge air manifold (see Figure 2).

3. Visual inspection of connecting clips on actuating linkage (see Figure 1, item 1) with the aid of an endoscope.
The preload force of used clips is no longer sufficient for reliable assembly. Loose connecting clips must be replaced.

4. If all other points are OK, the fault may have been caused by swelling (plastic absorbs moisture and swells) of the connecting clips on the shift rail (see Figure 1, item 4). Warm up the engine until the coolant temperature is 80 °C, then run the engine at idle for 1 h. Secure the vehicle to prevent it from moving away by itself and to prevent unauthorized access.
On vehicles with a mileage greater than 1000 km, the connecting clips on the shift rail (see Figure 1, item 4) must be replaced.
Observe adjustment instructions for EKAS actuating linkage when assembling!

2668 (002) Check component G3/2 (O2 sensor upstream of KAT).OverloadFault Value is below limit

Possible Cause: Oxygen sensor upstream of catalytic converter is carbon-fouled

Remedy for this:

Model series 221 with OM642 right-hand drive vehicle:

1. Remove engine cover

2. Remove shield over turbocharger

3. Remove oxygen sensor

4. Seal off old sensor connection fitting with stop plug and seal, and tighten to 50 Nm

5. Unfasten clamp between exhaust pipe and catalytic converter

6. Remove old exhaust pipe bend without sensor connection fitting

7. Install new exhaust pipe bend with sensor connection fitting

Note: When installing, replace seal and bolts, and observe tightening torque. Tighten clamp to 17 Nm

8. Install O2 sensor in new sensor connection fitting and tighten to 50 Nm

9. Reinstall shield over turbocharger

10. Reinstall engine cover

Parts needed for this job:

A0075420118Oxygen sensor1For model series 221 left-hand and right-hand drive

A2194920080Seal with turbocharger1

A0009906703Bolts for pipe bend3

N000908018011Blind plug1

A6420961268Turbocharger heat shield1

A0129884678Cable clip1

A9019970290Cable tie

A2214900522Exhaust pipe bend OM6421For model series*****/p>

A0219976245Seal for blind plug1

Best regards,

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