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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  BEng hons Mech engineering, in auto industry 22 years
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Hope that you can help. I have a 2007 1.8tdci Mondeo. Had

Customer Question

Hi Brian, hope that you can help. I have a 2007 1.8tdci Mondeo. Had occasions where the engine didn't fire, a quick jiggle with the wires to the fuel pump pressure sensor and the two sensor on the back of the pump seemed to get it to start.
Four days ago however the car will now not start at all, no matter what you do. I'm not sure if this was a coincidence to me removing tie wraps on the wiring loom tie wrapped on the top of the engine and re-fixing? WHen it cranks, there is lots and lots of white smoke coming from down the back of the engine, near the turbo. smells like unburnt fuel.
Yesterday it started fine and ran for 5 minutes, then the engine note burbled for a second then it cut out and wouldn't restart.
Forscan gave the code P0193 FRP sensor high input.
Yesterday I changed the FRP [on the spider] new glow pugs , new fuel filter, removed the engine fuse box and cleaned the earths [one was quite corroded] and charged the battery [flat from continuous cranking]
Fitted it all back up and it still won't start, cranks for a couple of seconds, fires then dies, shaking the car as it does so.
I noticed that the fuse box, relay R2 clicks [it's always done this] so I swopped it with R7 and thats when it fired up [before I did all the above] not sure if it was coincidence?
This morning I now have U0126 Lost com with SASM and U0100 lost com with ECM/PCM. Along with a couple of sppurious GPS antenna and cd player fault codes.
These took three attempts to clear, they havn't come back after cranking the car. My thoughts are that I could have disturbed something by removing [moving to the side] the engine fuse box to clean the earths?
Fuel rail pressure is; Ign on=0kpa Cranging and start=36000kpa and when it cuts out after two seconds=53000-68000kpa. Should there not be pressure when the ignition is on and engine off?
This is the thread on TalkFord, incase I've missed anything.
Hopefully you can shed some light on my issue...
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Update: After unplugging the turbo actuator, the car starts first time and idles, albeit with the ABS and EML lit and 'engine malfunction on the dash. It wont rev though at all. When I plug the actuator plug back in its back to square one though, starts and cuts out straight away.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just to be clear though, no fault codes relating to the turbo actuator when the error first occurred.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ok, important update.Plugged the actuator back in while the ignition was on, two bleeps from the dash but the car started and revved exactly as it should.
It has ran for over an hour and has been turned on and off multiple times.Every time it starts and runs fine, however, the EML lit up around 4/5 times. The code was P0489 and P0490 EGR control circuit high. Now unplugging the Actuator also throws up this same fault so I'm wondering if they are related?
After around an hour it wouldn't restart though and the same old problem was back.Starts with the turbo actuator unplugged.
I now also have multiple other errors that could lead me to believe that this could be a wiring issue from the PCM or from the clocks/dash?
U0155 - RCM
U0140 - PAM
U0010 - RFA
B2403 - CDPAlso worthy to note is that its currently persisting it down and the wiring trunk in the n/s/f engine bay is wet [runs from the fuse box to what I presume is the BCM in the left wheel well?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Experts are reviewing your question. You'll get a response here, by email, and by text message - often in 10 minutes or less and always within a day.'Its now been 7 hours?
Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.


Sorry its a been a while to get a response

I'd agree that the fault is a wiring issue and I think the key phrase is where you said it all started after you disturbed the wiring loom at the back of the engine bay

I'd say its time to get an auto electrician involved as a few hours of his / her time tracing the loom back to the ECU and checking resistances / continuity as they go its likley to be a short that corrupting signals / power back to the ECU and creatign these different faults

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Matt,Thank you for your reply, although with the greatest of respect, it's not very helpful.I was hoping for a reply from Gallagher99 or another Ford Mastertech as these wiring issues with the Mondeo will have come up no doubt with them before. I have 20 years in car body repair and the last five or so in diagnsotics, specialising in Peugeots, so I do have an idea of where to start.As I type I am currently checking the remaining earths, especially from the BCM and also the engine bay wiring loom as a whole, from/to the fuse box to ECU.As I say, thanks for the reply though.Regards
Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.

Fair enough I'll opt out and see if I can get a Ford mastertech involved

good luck

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Matt

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