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75: on my rover 75 i have replaced my master clutch cylinder

Customer Question

hi on my rover 75 i have replaced my master clutch cylinder but still cant get any pressure on the clutch peddle i am told it could be the slave cylinder wich is a big job although i could do it
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
Hi..there.. Normally on the 75 its best to try an back bleed the system - it always worked for me when ive done them..even using the "tazu kit" - the way i done it recently on a diesel rover 75 that had a failed master - once you've routed it in,and topped the reservior on the master up..finger tighten the cap on..because if you do it too tight.once you bolted the cylinder up in the footwell you never get it off to syphon or refill the small reservior ontop -But once filled try hand pumping the master till it feels like its going firm - then go to the release fitting before connecting up to the slave fitting - use a small screwdriver and pop the small valve open in the end of the master cylinder fitting..that purges any air form it..then connect up your fitting over the top of the gearbox..just push the two fittings together ensuring they are fully home..Then pre- undo the slave cylinder bleed screw...then close it off - fit a clear tube the bleed screw into a bottle half full of brake fluid..Bolt in your master cylinder/and reconnect to the pedal..once all thats done..then hand pump the pedal till it feels like it going firm - then have someone open the bleed screw at the slave cylinder and you should see the bubbles in the line - then close off the bleed screw and repeat again - but at the same time you'll need to ensure the small resevior ontop of the master is full - so to top that off you'll need a syringe/tube to keep adding fluid to it..quite ackward but thats about the only way it can be done that method -The other is the method i use is back bleed you add/force fluid in via the open bleed screw at the slave cylinder - i use certain hand pump filled with brake fluid to do it - but im sure it can be done with a medium sized syringe filled with brake fluid/clear tube tight on both the ends of the syringe and the open bleed screw..undo the master cylinder cap and have someone monitor the level "pedal stays up"..whilst you force the fluid through the bleed screw..once the level in the master comes up..stop and close off the bleed screw - then remove the tube..extract any excess out the master reservior and put the top back on and then see what the pedals like.might have to repeat the process but it should work first should work as its always worked for me or the mechaincs in my garage anytime we've done them..unless your lucky doing the normal method of pumping the maybe try that...But as far as replacing the slave cylinder..well you'll know thats inside the gearbox bellhousing "concentric slave" so you'll have to get the gearbox off to replace that..but subframe needs to be dropped..not an easy task and will need at least 2 people..but at the same time you may want to consider putting in another clutch assembly..whilst the gearbox is out..something to bear in mind anyway..... I do hope this helps