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Ford Ranger 2011. Battery disconnection caused radio to

Customer Question

Hi, Ford Ranger 2011. Battery disconnection caused radio to lock. Thought the code in hand book , (second hand vehicle) was correct, three attempts. Now ERR message and locked. Handbook says to consult a dealer. booked into Ford Dealership, they hadn't a clue said talk to Isuzu. So need to find way to unlock radio and get code. The Dealership that originally supplied the car, their name is ***** ***** key fobs and service history, say that they didn't supply and can't give me the code. Thanks
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
Hello and Welcome -
This is MIKE as requested.
Given the problems you have been having - there are a couple of ways forward open to you -
Can you first please tell me, again, given the issues you have had - what make is the radio...can you tell me all thats written on it ? Maybe a pic upload to here if you can...
Rgds. MIKE.......................
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The radio is the standard factory fit, integrated into the facia so not removable. The message that flashes is 'ERR' nothing else. The handbook says that after three attempts to enter the four digit code the radio will lock and show this message. The handbook advises that I should contact a dealership for help, but they say that since the vehicle is just a Ford badged Isuzu they don't know what to do. have sent a pic with this. Thanks
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
Hi again..
Sorry I missed you last eve..
So - the situation you have with this is as follows -
The radio unit you have there is a Panasonic unit - fitted to the Ranger range - and also the Mazdas.. Its not an unusual one , in fact its quite popular. Quite why your dealers are treating you this way Im not sure...
The radio is as you integrated into the dash but it is removable... Sometimes the set has to be removed to get the serial number so as to get the code.. but there is another way round this Im thinking.
You need to know at this stage that for these types of radio unit, free codes are not available on the net -there will be a fee wherever you go..
Now -where to go to get the code without removing the set.. For that I can help you.. copy and paste the following link into your browser..
When you get there - remember- you are looking at the Mazda listing - it will ask you for the radio make - Insert Panasonic.. then enter your VIN and details as instructed.. and with that - they can generate the code for that set.
... Now - you do have one other issue... AS you say -and as the pic shows.. the display is showing ERR. Its doing this because too many incorrect code entries have been made.
Now usually the way to get out of this is to leave the set "powered" - with no interruptions whatsoever... This means, you have to leave the set ON..with the display showing... and do NOT at any time switch it of - or switch the Ign.. or drive the vehicle -- until.. the set comes up asking for a code.. or it displays several dashes .. ie -----
This can take up to around 2 hours to reset.
If you do start the vehicle - or otherwise as above, the timer will reset and start from the beginning - so thats why you need to leave it.
Now - again - it should ask for the code..or the dashes as above. Note - IF it doesn't.. then there is an internal issue - the set is completely locked up.
What you can try is this in that case... Press and HOLD button 6 - with the power on.. Sometimes this will re boot it.. IF not.. if you cant ever get it to come up without the ERR - then you will need to take / send the unit to a radio decode specialist who can sort that for you - it has to be connected then to electronic equipment to sort it out.
I would actually suggest to switch it on and do the two hr wait - to get it to reset - BEFORE you go to the site above to get the code... because IF it wont reset and you have to end up sending it in for reset as above - then they will give you it back - complete with its code at that time.
So thats the way to work through this one to get this radio working for you one way or the other -
Let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..
-~~~ Meantime ----- Please do click on the Exc / Ok ratings for me at this time.. - Thank you in advance for that -
... Note that you can get back to me anytime at all after doing the rating should you need more at all - it doesn't close you out --
Best Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The ERR message appears as soon as the key is turned without turning the radio on, the message is always there and on/off button has no effect, so leaving the key turned and waiting two hours is no good, nor is holding number six.Looks like the Ford dealership was correct in saying that it needs taking somewhere else....
Expert:  Mike replied 2 years ago.
Hello again -
Thank you for your reply.
That is what I was saying - the ERR message - is meaning ERROR.. meaning there is an error in the radio... meaning, as I said above, either too many incorrect code entries have been tried - or, the set has developed a fault.
Sometimes holding button 6 will do it.. sometimes not. I said to "try" it.. its always worth a try given it works sometimes.. but I did say "sometimes it will reboot"...
Again - You can try as I said - and explained.. leaving it on / powered - as , if it is saying too many incorrect code entries , it will come right. It doesn't matter - that its on as you say , ign on or off.. If you have used the vehicle -ie, operated he ign within a two hr period - while the ERR is showing ( radio on or not ) - it will cancel the procedure. You dont have to try it as I said - but its worth a try.
Failing that - then again, its as I said above.. the set needs to be sent in for test & repair -and coding.
All is as I said.
When you say "looks like the Ford dealership is correct in saying that it needs taking somewhere else...".. originally you said you took it to them - and you were right.. They were the supplying dealer - the vehicle is a would expect them to be able to help.. Them then saying they couldn't s whats not right.. they shelved you off - saying go elsewhere..
Once again - what I have taken the time to explain is exactly whats happened - and the understanding of whats happened.. I have talked you through options that will on some work - others not.. but its always worth a try.
Given that you are saying now that nothing works - then again - the situation is as I have said a couple of times.. the set needs to be electronically reset by sending / taking it to a radio specialist...who has the equipment to do that.
- Im sorry that that is the case with yours.. I could have said just send it in for test / repair at the outset - but I took the time to tell you all that I have hoping to help you sort it - again - as some will reset / reboot..
I also explained to you that the set can be removed from the dash telling you too the actual make of the set... I have tried every which way to help - but if all else fails.. then you need to to as again explained -
So having gone through every possible avenue, its a shame it won't work but you know a lot more now than you did including the last way to get it working again.
- I would appreciate your clicking on the Exc / OK ratings for me so that Im credited from justanswer for my time etc .. and you are welcome back with any other issues / help you may need in the future.
All the best with the set - Kind Rgds, MIKE.