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Ford Mondeo titanium x: When I lock my car and press key twice

Customer Question

When I lock my car and press key twice it's a ford mondeo mark 4, a little while after my drivers side headlight comes on and if I go out to check my lights they are off and the indicators will be flashing on the same side as the light , without touching The indicator , or lights , no alarm triggered it's a 2008 titanium x , it's just had a new windscreen .its got adaptive front lighting and ever since I have had car over a year if you hit a speed bump you get front light malfunction come up but nothing happens to the lights and if I turn ignition off and on it will clear for weeks or months please can you help as been woken up by neighbours all night telling me I left my lights on
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.
Hello 1st thing to check is if the indicator stalk is being left in either position ( up or down) with the igntion off as this leaves a sidelight on when parked to make the car more visible at night if this is OK then its likely to be a faulty light module , or a corroded light coonection or an incorrect light bulb tpye fitted as I've known this to occur when you fit a single element bulb in the place where there should be a dual element you can reset the light module by disconnecting the battery cables and clamping them together for 10 mins.Remove both battery leads from the battery then use a nut and bolt or G-clampto hold both battery lead terminals together. This dischargesany capacitors / memory within the ECU and around the car so ensures all memorysettings are wiped clear - back to the factory default. This will resetall the systems on the car and you may need the radio security code to get itgoing again, and ensure that the keys are in your hand when you re-connect thebattery as the car may lock and turn on the alarm
Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.
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