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Porsche: , just bought a 2001 996, have replaced batteries

Customer Question

Hi, just bought a 2001 996, have replaced batteries in both keys but cannot get them to work. Door opens manually with key and passenger door opens when i press the central locking button on dashboard.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.
you can try this
2.1 Remove battery from the fob
2.2 Insert battery briefly with polarity reversed.
2.2.1 After a waiting time of at least 10 seconds, slide battery with the polarity of the battery
reversed (positive terminal downwards) under the tab
2.2.2 Clip battery downward into the holder.
2.2.3 After a waiting time of approx. 3 seconds, remove this incorrectly polarized battery again.
2.3 Install battery normally
If this doesn't work thenyou need a garage with a PST2 or PIWIS tester to do the programming. If you have everything together a 'good dealer' or 'good shop' would charge you only about 1 hour labor to do this.
Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.
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