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How do i check the automatic transmission fluid on a Y reg

Customer Question

how do i check the automatic transmission fluid on a Y reg renault clion as there is no dip stick?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Robert replied 2 years ago.
It quite an involved job to check the fluid level in these auto boxes and requires the vehicle to be on a level surface and jacked up..this is why its more accurate on a 2 post get the right ammount of fluid in there ans to ensure the level is accurate..level checking is done from underneath via the the level-setting plug - the oil overflow pipe - the vehicle also has to be driven for a short period of time to warm the gearbox up - then place a container under the - level-setting plug .
- Open the level-setting plug ,
- leaving the engine running.
- If the oil does not flow out or the quantity collected isbelow 0.1 litres?
- Switch off the engine,
- add 0.5 litre of oil,
- let the automatic transmission cool to 50°C,
- run the engine at idle speed,
- connect the Diagnostic tool,
- establish dialogue with the automatic transmission
- monitor the gearbox oil temperature parameter,
- wait for the temperature to reach 60°C,
- place a container under the level-setting plug .
- Repeat these operations until more than 0.1 litres of oil is recovered in the container.
- Refit the level-setting plug
- Torque tighten the filler cap

4 = filler plug
5 = level setting plug/oil overflow pipe

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