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BMW - Rosslyn 323i 2009 sedan manual: I drive a BMW 323i 2009

Customer Question

I drive a BMW 323i 2009 model manual. The first and sometimes third gear slips when I engage the clutch. My could be the problem? I took the car to BMW South East in Germiston and the car spent the whole day without being attended to.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Kevin replied 2 years ago.
Hi I'm Kevin when you say it slips does it fall out of the gear or something else ? Sorry for the questions want to give you an accurate answer
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
it slips out of gear and stays in neutral. The engine will still run. When it does this it kick back on my hand like a heavy object and I am starting to feel pains. What is the like cause. Is a BMW 2009 323i not suppose to give me some indication if there is a problem with the transmission system eg clutch plate, gear box etc. I want to know possible cause and likely costs before I return it to a BMW Dealer or would you recommend any reputable mechanic?
Expert:  Kevin replied 2 years ago.
I'm in the uk so unfortunately can't advise on who to use however I would have all engine and transmission mounts checked for excessive movement as this can cause this. It's unlikely to be a clutch fault as it would cause this on all gears. Unfortunately the cars pick up on most faults but not faults of this type normally. It's most likely a gear linkage or internal gearbox fault. There's nothing common on these models I would recommend taking car to a transmission specialist if you can find one close to you as they will be far more knowledgeable in this type of fault than even bmw will be