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Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD: Dear SirI bought a Jeep Grand

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Dear Sir

I bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2013 about a month ago. A fuel pump attendant filled petrol in my diesel vehicle. Unfortunately I drove with it like normal to work (40km down the road). In the afternoon I go to start it. Nothing:( . The garage has said the engine needs to replaced in order to keep the warranty intact. In this day and age does the entire really needs to be replaced ? They have cleaned the tank and replaced filters and it now starts up. But they say they cannot guarantee what may happen 5000 or 10000 km down the road. Any advise or help will be appreciated.
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How much diesel was in the tank when you unfortunately added petrol, and how much petrol did you add .

Did you notice any engine noise after adding petrol ,did it pink a lot ..

Rgds Greg.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Greg. The petrol attendant filled the petrol in. My tank was about a quarter tank full. The attendant put in about 35 litres of petrol. I drove 40km no problem. No engine noise. Parked the car. Came back 8 hrs later. Puff of white smoke and refused to start.

Hi Preshen.

If the car engine now starts and there is no noticeable engine rattle and oil pressure is okay then you may be lucky , alone from after filling with petrol that you did not notice any change is a good sign.

A compression test should be carried out to see what condition the engine is in.
If compression is good then i would not worry to much about the engine .I'd be more concerned about the fuel feed system and injection pump .

How long is the warranty till its over , this will have to be considered if you do replace the engine .

I'd have the injection system tested and leave it at that .
check the exhaust system the DPF ,

Like i said when driving after filling up will be the deciding factor if it was rattling and pinking badly then damage could be there now if the engine was running fine and smooth then the chances are very good that no damage was done and you caught it just at the right time .

Now i have no idea what the dealership has found on testing if they found that the compression was down then yes a new engine would be needed..

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Rgds Greg
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