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Subaru forester: subaru diesel 2010 clutch and flywheel gone

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subaru diesel 2010 clutch and flywheel gone at 40.000 kms.
Hello and Welcome to justanswer..

My name is MIKE..

Im sorry to hear of your problems with your Subaru -

How can I be of help ?

Kind Rgds, MIKE.................................
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How to prevent same failure, again with new clutch this tipical smell...,

when driving backward or towing.



Hello again -

Thank you for your reply and info...

Have you replaced the clutch and flywheel with genuine Subaru products?

What sort of weight are you towing - is it excessive for the vehicle..? and is it "hard work" -- ie, towing up hills etc?

Rgds, MIKE...............................
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Replaced with expensive genuine Subaru parts. Almost 2000 USD.
no much towing, rarely, 400 kgs approx.

First clutch made problem, flywheel at the end when I was towed from highway.

I assume diesel engine is simply too strong for this AT clutch. Being old driver never had such kind of problem.


Sorry,I have to leave for 2 hrs,

will come back later.




Hello again..

Thank you very much for your reply / info- that is helpful.

Okay - with these ...and a great deal of these "modern" types diesel variants ( all the makes that use them ) , the DFM's.. Dual mass flywheels ... are very prone to premature failure... or at least - were.

Vw / Audi's were terrible for it - with some known to fail within 20k miles... Vw / Audi etc were reluctant to replace under warranty too for a long time as invariably "clutch parts" are "wear and tear " items and considered "driver faults" if they prematurely failed.

But over time - and especially with the Vw / Audi range and a Fords etc - were found to be prematurely failing and the inherent design failures have been largely if not fully , cured now ... replacement parts dont fail like the originals did.

Subaru range didn't tend to have failures such as the marques mentioned above though to be honest -so its very hard to say just "why" yours would have done.. I have no doubt the place that replaced it just said it was "worn out" ..and thats that ! ... I didnt ask if you have owned the vehicle from new - but if not - there is not telling how the vehicle was used / driven etc before you owned / used it..

Other than that - I have to say - given the info / use of the vehicle, I really cannot say with any certainty - any more than anyone could really, just why it failed at that mileage.

If there were no signs of physical / mechanical failure - breakage etc, then its just worn out - I suspect that your driving is average... ie, the vehicle is driven properly etc - so it can only come down to that Im afraid.

Again - we have had this question many times... and a detailed inspection of the flywheel / clutch can sometimes reveal a "fault" - that would need to be done if its not been done already... indeed- you can ask for the old parts to be sent to the manufacturer for detailed / technical analysis... and given the mileage it failed at -and the cost of replacement... I would advise that. It wont cost you anything -and you never know what it may show up.

Again without inspection its impossible to say just why it failed - other than worn out of course... so I would advise as above and have it checked professionally and then go from there.

I would also advise to keep a good hold of the receipt for the replacement you have had done - just in case . You will need that in the event of a "normal" warranty claim in any event..

Let me know if you need anything more on this at all -

Meantime -- Please click on the OK rating to Excellent ratings service for me now, Thank you for that... and you can get back to me anytime if you need / wish..

Best Rgds, MIKE.

Please note, you are rating the content of my "answer" - my help to you - not the "system" which can experience delays etc which are not under my personal control -or delays caused by "time -off" which we all have on occasion - Thank you.
Mike and other UK Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I am the first owner.

My next Subaru will be with automatic transmission, Forester diesel will have this option at the end of the year. Or you think Toyota RAV or Nissan Xtrail are better choice ?