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Nissan/Datsun Micra: My car is cutting of when Im loosing

Customer Question

My car is cutting of when I'm loosing speed and making noise from the exausth. At the same time my car is a bit shaking... Any ideas???
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Mark replied 4 years ago.

markthebooler :

Hello. My name is Mark and I will be assisting you today.

markthebooler :

I would suggest you check the car for a misfire, possibly a faulty coil pack and for a blocked catalytic converter.

JACUSTOMER-d1t7lrg3- : Is it something to do with the throttle body?
markthebooler :

That is a possibility but I don't think it would cause a noise from the exhaust.

markthebooler :

I would try my first suggestions of misfire and blocked catalyst.

JACUSTOMER-d1t7lrg3- : The engine light is on all the time bit the garagist said there is nothing wrong with the engine so y the light is on thn ???
JACUSTOMER-d1t7lrg3- : The engine light is on all the time but the garagist said the engine is perfectly fine.
JACUSTOMER-d1t7lrg3- : They scan the car 2 and after that the car was fine for 2-3 hours but thn starting to shake again
markthebooler :

Why haven't you mentioned the light staying on all the time before now?

markthebooler :

Also, if the light is on it means there must be a fault code stored. Can you tell me this code(s).

JACUSTOMER-d1t7lrg3- : H
JACUSTOMER-d1t7lrg3- : W
JACUSTOMER-d1t7lrg3- : Where can I find this code ?
JACUSTOMER-d1t7lrg3- : Is this code on the receipt print after the diagnostic?
markthebooler :

I would have thought so but if not you should call the garage and aske them for it.