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Freelander: I have a 98 Freelander with a 1.8 K series engine.

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I have a 98 Freelander with a 1.8 K series engine. I'm experiencing coolant leaking from the exhaust manifold. I'm also getting a loud exhaust noise, and i've checked the exhaust line and it is not blowing anywhere (found no holes). There is also an oil leak which I cannot locate, but this may be a separate issue (mentioning it just in case its useful) which i'll deal with after.

My initial reaction is to replace the exhaust manifold gasket, however i've read a lot that this could potentially be the head gasket needing to be replaced.

My question is, if the exhaust manifold gasket has gone would it be normal for it to leak coolant? Or is this potentially a larger problem?

techmachine :

Hi, welcome to Just answer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX i will help with your question

techmachine :

There is no reason why the exhaust manifold would loose coolant, Infact any coolant in the manifold would indicate a head gasket fault in its self, it would also evaporate before it escaped, but the fact you mention an oil leak is interesting. I suspect the two are linked as this sounds like a classic case of failing head gasket to me.
Both coolant an oil run through the passages in the gasket so if the gasket is leaking it often leaks out of the gasket between the head (which is right next to the exhaust manifold ) Which may be why it looks like the manifold is leaking. Its quite a common problem I have come across several times. There is very little point replacing the exhaust gasket at this point as this needs to be changed while the head gasket is changed

If it is only coolant and oil that is leaking its often a bit tricky to confirm the head gasket other than doing it visually as compression tests wont necessarily tell you anything so the best thing to do is clean any oil and coolant leaks around the cylinder head and carefully monitor it to try to pinpoint the leak, I suspect you will see the coolant and oil emerge from the head gasket, in which case unfortunately a new head gasket will be required.

techmachine :

I hope I’ve provided the information you were seeking. If you are happy with my service, please provide a rating. If not, please let me know so l can continue to help you. Thank you, Ross.


Yea, i noticed this morning as I walked past it to my other car that there was a fresh pool of coolant again, which leads me to believe that it leaks most when the engine has cooled down. Is that something that is a usual symptom of a failing head gasket?

Could you also just tell me if the loud exhaust noise is a symptom of the head gasket or is that a separate problem? As you said i'll be replacing the exhaust manifold gasket when I do the head gasket anyway but i'm just curious.

techmachine :

I doubt the noise is related to the head gasket but possibly the exhaust gasket, as for leaking when cool that's common as the gap will contract when cold letting the coolant past, the coolant also evaporates when the engines hot so less appears to leak.

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