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Liberty: 03 Liberty: Transmission started slipping and occasiona

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'03 Liberty: Transmission started slipping and occasionally won't go above 2nd gear. If I come to a full stop and shut down the engine, the transmission will go through all gears up to overdrive if I'm gentle on the throttle. Problem comes back intermittently when i go to 2nd again. ODB-II Reader gave me the error codes P1776 and P0732.
How would I go about fixing this?

Note: I'm in rural Mexico, so Chrysler/Jeep certified shops and/or dealerships are far, far apart.
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With transmission related malfunction fault i like to clear all codes and then do a nice long test drive 15 - 20 minutes city and high way then recheck for codes , could you do this for me .

Rgds Greg.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello Greg, thanks for your reply.


I cleared all codes, watched the transmission warning light disappear and took a drive first through the city and out into the countryside.


After about thirty minutes I noticed the first "missed" shift, and the transmission light came back on.

The problem was still not consistent, as it would change up past 2nd now and then on the way back.


I only got one ODB code when I got back, and that was number P0732,

Hi Christian .

Thank you for doing this test helps a lot ,

Okay first i want to do the basics as this could end up with an expensive repair so we don't want to leave out any simple issue that could cause this issue .

First make sure the fluid level is correct ,after a good drive should be on the highest level
and the fluid should be a transparent red to a light brown .

If the fluid is a dark brown to black then you have what i was thinking of an internal damage .

Good lets say the fluid is a light brown or red still.

The Code P0732 is Gear ratio error in 2nd gear .

Have the input and output sensors checked as this may cause this problem.

If all are good oil is clean and right level then your P1776 is the cause for this issue, and there is also a TSB for this issue .

Please click here for further information .

NOTE: The solenoid switch valve is not in the solenoid pack it is in the valve body.

If replacing the valve body assembly for DTC P1776 Solenoid Switch Valve Latched in LR Position first inspect the build date on the solenoid pack. If the build date range falls in between 3001 and 0603 replace the solenoid pack not the valve body.

If you need further assistance with this transmission issue then please get back to me with the reply box below

If you accept my answer now i still can work with you after wards until we have this issue sorted out .

Rgds Greg
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