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Peugeot 406: need to see the timing belt setup and timing marks

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need to see the timing belt setup and timing marks for the pegeot 406 4 cylinder



Hopefully i can help..


What engine size / fuel type do you have? or engine code too if possible?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hi robert,this is all the info on the vehicle that i could find,vehicle:nouvelle406


vin code:vf38brfrr81084351


chassis number or build code of the vehicle:9854


petrol engine.

hope this infomation is sufficient,waiting on your reply,u can just send me a diagram of the timing system,the gears,and the belt in relation to the marks on the gears,

Hi..sorry for the long delay..


Ive inc these diagrams below which should help.although you will need to pin the pulleys accordingly as per instructions and diagram.make sure have fitted a new timing belt inc:- water pump/tensioner and guide pulley





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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

hey robert,thanks for the diagram of the peugot 406 timing gears,have been

doing the timing correctly before,but the problem still persist,at half engine rotation the valves are still totching the piston,what am i doing wrong,remember the head was totally removed,and replaced,valves refaced,some of the hydrolic tappits were sticking,i freed them up,what what am i missing


Still sounds like the timing is still off somewhat if your sure the valves are still have to be sure the no1 piston/cylinder is at TDC "top dead centre" or the crank is..if you remove the no1 spark plug and insert/drop in place for example like a welding rod then turn the engine over by hand uptill you see the rod rise to its highest point that should be at tdc then check the timing hole on the crank to insert the pin,also ensure the cams aren't out to - then try re-fitting the belt once both top pulleys are lined up and see if that helps..other things you may want to recheck is for the possibility of the wrong headgasket "thickness" maybe,did you make sure you put the right cams in back in the correct place ie: inlet cam hasn't been swapped with exhaust cam..

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

ok robert,all that you are saying makes sense,the cams are in the correct place,the head gasket is the original gasket,the one thing that i am not sure about is if the head gasket was put in correctly,it was done by one of my wokers un-supervised,but your advise was helpfull,thanks,

i am the propiator of an auto and diesel mechanical,and straightening/painting workshop,from time to time i may experience difficulty with mechanical issues,so will be in contact with you again,

thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

robert its me again,decided to replace the engine,just installed a used engine,with the same old transmission,but the engine not starting,may have overlooked something small,proberly a wrong connection,what can you suggest that i look for to rectify this problem



If its was running in the donor car then it could be the immobiliser thats not allowing it to start up / also ensure all earths have been connected - if its the same engine code then it might be worth considering swapping all the electrical components/inlet manifold etc from the old engine over onto the other one that been fitted - also check to see if its getting a spark and fuel upto the engine sometimes if you spray easy start into the intake then this will narrow down wether its either of the two..