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Jaguar X-Type: Ive got a 2.0l diesel 04 X-type which I purchased

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I've got a 2.0l diesel 04 X-type which I purchased yesterday. My father in law picked it up for me and when I went to drive the car last night, there's a horrible rattle when the engine is labouring. I test drove the car a couple of weeks ago and has been parked up ever since until yesterday. I've taken the car to 2 local garages today who have looked under the bonnet and have told me 2 different problems. Essentially the belt to the left of the engine is shaking, but being a woman I'm not sure if Im being had!

Garage 1 told me that the crank shaft pulley must've gone and caused damage to the cambelt tensioner, therefore I need a new crank shaft pulley, cam belt tensioner and cambelt and shouldn't drive the car until all 3 are fixed

Garage 2 told me that as the noise is considerably louder when the AC is on, its the AC pump, but they'd need to strip it down to say for definate.

My father-in-law used to be a mechanic (many years ago) and said that I'd be ok with just the new tensioner. I'm trying to keep down costs as I haven't sold my other car and am running 2 sets of insurance etc., but with 2 very small children I want to make sure the vehicle is safe!

Any advise would be appreciated!
Hello and Welcome to justanswer...

It is possible that the bottom crank pulley / damper has failed but its easy enough to check...

They need to have the engine idling and then turn the steering wheel fully over to one one side and hold it there - if the belt is seen to jump badly / skipping on the pulley, then the pulley is at fault. The pulley will be seen to be rotating per normal in the middle where its firmly attached whatever....its the outer rim / centre that comes apart so thats how to tell - have them carry that out to see.

To be honest, its 99.9 % likely to be that as this is a known fault - there is even a Jaguar TSB - Technical service bulletin on this fault - which I will give you following ...

Too - its obvious that the noise will be louder with the AC on...simply because its putting more strain on the belt / pulley.

As the TSB points out , there are modified parts available which you will need to get from a Jaguar parts dept , to cure this for you ....

So yes, it will be that bottom pulley... Here is the Jaguar TSB for you :


Excessive noise / movement from drive belt at idle / under load.

Affected vehicles
  • 2,0D:
  • 2,2D:
  • Excessive noise from auxiliary drive belt at idle, under load.
  • Poor manufacture of crankshaft damper/pulley.
DescriptionPart numberQuantity
Crankshaft damper/pulley C2S 51547 1
  • Check crankshaft damper/pulley number. If crankshaft damper/pulley has part number 4C1Q-XXXXX-C1A, 4C1Q-XXXXX-C1B, 4C1Q-XXXXX-CDB or 4C1Q-XXXXX-CDC, it must be replaced.
  • Fit modified crankshaft damper/pulley. Use special tool: 303-D055. Tighten crankshaft damper/pulley bolts to 45 Nm + 120°.
  • Fit modified auxiliary drive belt tensioner.
  • Fit modified auxiliary drive belt.

I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX above all helps you and helps with the understanding of the problem you have -and what needs to be done to cure this ...


Kind Rgds, MIKE.

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Regards, MIKE.

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Mike and other UK Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you so much fo your help Mike! Does ths mean that I need to replace all 3 parts??


Kind Regards


HI there Emma..

Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier I just missed you - I was due my break. Sorry about that.

...Yes thats correct, the pulley the tensioner and the belt..

Kind Rgds, MIKE.