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valve timing on a 2002 1.6 petrol mini..cyl..timing chain..camshaft

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how do I set the valve timing on a 2002 1.6 petrol mini one,that has no pre-srtipdown pain mark on the crankshaft pulley?
Do I go by, setting No1 cyl to TDC with No1's in/ex valves closed.......or do I try to set the 3 copper coloured timing chain links to the marks on the sprockets, only the camshaft mark visible without removing the timing case???????
Hello and Welcome to justanswer...

I will give you the proper MINI info for this as follows :

Valve timing procedures

  • Engine at TDC on No.1 cylinder.
  • Align copper coloured chain links with arrow marks on crankshaft sprocket Fig.1.
  • Ensure copper coloured chain link at camshaft sprocket is aligned with arrow mark Fig.2.


NOTE: When replacing timing chain, crankshaft sprocket and camshaft sprocket must be replaced.


  • Remove tensioner assembly before carrying out engine repairs Fig 3. NOTE: To prevent engine damage, the tensioner must be locked in the installation position before refitting.
  • Install chain tensioner Fig.3 as follows:
      • Remove cap Fig.4.
      • Push tensioner plunger carefully together with constant force Fig..5.
      • Refit cap Fig.4.
      • Install tensioner Fig.3.
  • Tighten tensioner plug to 65 Nm Fig.6.
  • Press tensioner rail against tensioner with tool No.33 2 140 to unlock tensioner plunger Fig.7.


NOTE: Camshaft sprocket bolt MUST be renewed.



NOTE: Crankshaft pulley bolt MUST be renewed.

I'm very pleased to have helped you... let me know if I can help anymore...


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Kind Rgds - MIKE


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
the timing case has not been removed,so I can't see the marks on the crank sprocket.Is there any way to set the timing at this stage without removing the case?
Hello again -

Thank you for your reply -

Im afraid no - you have to remove the case to set the timing up properly on this engine ...

Im sorry thats probably not what you wanted to hear - but that is the case with these - then if you follow through the instructions I gave you above, that will see this done properly for you .

Best Rgds - MIKE..

I hope that explains / clarifies for you -

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Rgds - MIKE

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