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I have recently sold my car to my son and then discovered water is coming in from somewhere and the drivers side footwell is getting wet.I am pretty sure it's rain water,not coolant.When car is parked on slope(our drive),water also collects on back drivers side footwell,but I assume this is running down from front.I put hosepipe over bonnet and a small amount of water was seen running down under brake pedal,but carpet soon dried under there yet when it rains the footwell is quite wet(not soaking)I have been putting towels on floor last couple of weeks to try and dry it out as much as possible,also my friend has put some sealant round servo but he found it hard to get at...big hands!! We have also checked the pollen filter and this was bone dry/free of leaves etc.We have checked round doors and windows also and it doesnt seem to be raining in there.I am puzzled and upset as my son is only 17 and takes his first driving test next week and will be using the car every day whan he's passed,to get to work.the car is a 2005 Corsa SXI,and it's a good car apart from this now.I dont want to have to pay silly money at a Vauxhall dealer to get it looked at so any help you can give will be gratefully received.Thanks.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Mark replied 5 years ago.
Hi,My Name isXXXXX your deposit is not paid until you are happy with my answer and you click accept. I do not get paid unless you do. Generally leaks like this are caused by a couple of things. One being rust around the front windscreen. If there is no visible sings of rust then it is unlikely to be that. The next is the windscreen seal itself. This will need the windscreen removed for a new seal to be applied. Most times windscreens are removed they end up cracking and as such a new one is generally needed. Another thing is the AC drain could be blocked, but seeing as you state it is only happening when its raining, this is an unlikely cause. The last place that I know has been a big problem with Corsas in the past is, as you said ,the brake pedal where it goes through the firewall. When it rains the water will continuously run down there off the windscreen. To fix this you will have to take it to a garage and have the booster removed and a new boot fitted. Sorry for the bad news. Cheers Mark
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
thanks,this is looking like most probable cause,I've checked and no signs of rust round windscreen.Could you confirm what the booster is and where it is and what a boot is,I know garage would know but could you just explain to me then I know what I'm talking about when I contact garage.Also,do you think this would be a big job,how much time do you think it should take,so I have an idea of what's involved when the garage gives me a price.thanks again.
Expert:  Mark replied 5 years ago.
Sorry, the booster is the Brake Booster, or servo as you called it. The boot is just a seal behind it. It should not take more than an hour or so 2 max to put this right. They might just take off the booster and silicone the back of the booster to reseal it Cheers Mark
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