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Mike, UK Car Mechanic
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  Hi, I am a Car/ vehicle technician of 34 years. 29of -running my own repair/diagnostic business.
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Skoda Hi Mike, same Skoda Superb - has a Columbus Sat Nav

Customer Question

Hi Mike, same Skoda Superb - has a Columbus Sat Nav with hardisk and now full postcode facility! Is there a kit which will allow the playing of my iPod thro the Nav with both charging and full control of tunes on the Nav equipment? I can play iPod via the AUX cable but only does basic as you prob know. I'm getting mixed opinions of what to do/buy. Either an iPod Adaptor or Media-in Interface have been mentioned - I'm getting confused!! Regards
Mike Theobald
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Mike replied 6 years ago.
Hello again - This is MIKE..

Thats a good question and Im not 100% on the Columbus - kit wise..and depending at least some extent on whether you have the MDi option - (if you do, you will have a socket in the armrest ) ...but I do know Skoda do supply kits themselves and the prices are not so bad all round - it will depend on exactly what they have / what you want - so it would be worth having a word with the parts dept first. They will want your VIN so be sure you have that - and then see what they can offer..

Other than that option - I do know of a company that , if it can be done - as / how you want it - they will be able yo help you if anyone can..

Click this link HERE..and peruse their site - if you don't see exactly what you need - contact them direct.. you often will be better doing that / speaking to them.. they are very helpful ..and as I say, will know not just whether that can be done - but of not, a way round it / to progress perhaps with another option / whatever way there is to do it..

So do that - again, they are the ones to help --other than any dealer option , if they can, they will..

Im very pleased to have helped you once again..and glad to hear the Sat nav is now fully functional ;)

Feel free to re contact me using the reply button if you need to further on this subject - - Meanwhile - - Please click the Accept button for me now - Thank You ...

.Kind Rgds to you - MIKE.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Mike, I marked the question URGENT at 9.31am Friday and your response came across at 6.31pm!!

By this time I had made contact with Skoda UK Technical Support and received the information I needed!

I was looking for a prompt answer in this case and did not receive one.

Expert:  Mike replied 6 years ago.
Hello again..

To explain the whole situation -

You may have received a quicker answer from someone else but you marked the question for me personally so others wont answer it out of respect...

Your question came on the system at 13:25 on the 19th - I answered it 4 hours , 5mins and 16 secs later- at 17:31.

Friday was a working day - I cannot be expected to be here 24 / 7 in any case Im afraid... you yourself didn't view teh answer until this morn - nearly 16 hours later..

Again - no one, inc yourself is on line or can be expected to be continually and so sometimes there are delays but the delay in my answer was by no means excessive.

I hope that clarifies for you -

Rgds -- MIKE

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Mike, I think you are missing the point!

I needed an answer yesterday, and thought that by asking you on an urgent basis I would get an almost immediate response.

Obviously I cannot be expected to know what your contact circumstances are - I purely used the system, and sent it to you, as we had exchanged before. The system then advised me that you were looking at it, so I expected a speedy response. I am a new and not regular user of Just-Answer so probably expected too much.

I actually saw you had responded, on my Blackberry last night, by which time I had received the info needed, ordered the parts required, and it is being fitted today before we go on holiday in the car on Sunday. This would not have been possible if I had relied on your answer, indeed you admitted that you weren't 100% on Columbus so I simply don't think your answer was that helpful on this occasion.


Expert:  Mike replied 6 years ago.
Dont worry about it - I did reply yesterday.. and but as I explained - if Im not on line at a given time - I cant reply any more than anyone else can .

You are sorted now so thats all ok.

Rgds - MIKE.