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My vauxhall Zafira(2007) airbag light belt

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I've been posting question about my vauxhall Zafira(2007) airbag light staying on and hazard light each time ignition is switched on (vehicle was in clash but airbags did'nt deploy), and just been weighing answers given. After pluging diagnosis computer it gave something like code B0055, SDM under drivers seat. But just of late when I made journey with family, my wife could'nt push the seat belt in. Closer observation,I discovered the thing were belt locks is sort of deformed and gone down abit. Please advice could this relate to airbag light on dashboard staying on and hazard lights. And if I replaced this would the light go off.Thanks for all your response,it's helping towards solving problem
Hello and Welcome back to justanswer..

Indeed, this is all connected - re the trouble with the seat belt connection stalk.

The srs system - seat belt restraint system has been activated - sometimes they dont fully - but now as you have seen / found, the seat belt wont latch - which proves this has happened -

As its happened, the control unit "knows" this - and so that is why you still have the air bag "system" light on - its all connected with the seat belt / srs -system...and hazards..

When these vehilces are involved in a crash that activates the system - the hazards automatically come on - ( you may have seen crashed vehilces on roads on tv with the hazards going - the driver hasn't switched them on- the computer for the air bag / srs system does that as a safety warning feature to other road users )

So to rectify this you will need either to reset the seatbelt stalk if they will - or renew them if they wont - most need to be renewed -your local Vauxhall dealer will verify that for you .

Once the repairs have been carried out - the airbag / srs ecu is reset using the Tech 2 diagnostic equipment or similar and thats it.

There are some cases where the air bag ecu / computer needs to be renewed - though there are companies that advertise on the net - that can delete crash data in the air bag system ecu so it can be refitted - thus saving some money - ( do a google search for that / those )

Im very pleased to have helped you -

Please click the Accept button for me now - Thank You ...and if you do need / wish to get back to me after - you can do so just by coming back to this post and use the Reply button - your reply will then come straight back to me .. and Im always happy to help further....

.Kind Rgds to you - MIKE.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks for your answer. Can I use secondhand seat belt stalk/Do I need to replace all seat belt stalks or just the passegr side which has been activated?


HI again..

Yes you can use second hand usually - and you do only need to deal with the ones that have activated yes...

Best Rgds - MIKE..
Mike and 2 other UK Car Specialists are ready to help you