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A daewoo kalos, 1400cc 16v and had the cam belt replaced..broke down

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I have a daewoo kalos, 1400cc 16v and had the cam belt replaced in aug 2009 when it had done approx 57000 miles. My car broke down today and I've been told the cam belts gone. I've only done about 15000 miles since I I had the last one done. I was changing gear from 1st to 2nd when it happened - do you think there is likely to be significant damange and am I likely to be able to get any recompense from the garage that replaced the original cam belt.
Yours hopefully

upset from maidstone
Hello and Welcome to justanswer...

Im afraid there is every chance that this has caused damage to the engine valves yes - this is what is called an "interference engine type " - which means a belt failure will mean valve / piston contact ...and damage.... Damage can happen even at tick over speeds...simply because at some point, the valves will be open and down the piston bores...and the pistons will hit them because of the loss of the timing..when the belt fails ..

Your first thing to do is indeed to inform the garage that did the work for you ... Tell them the car has broken down and that you have been told its belt failure...and of course, as you have had it done when you said - they will have to agree to take the car in and check / find the cause of failure..

At this point .. I would say to you - check your invoice from when the work was done.... See if you have been billed for a water pump. The water pump is timing belt driven and it always makes sense to renew the pump when renewing the belt at its scheduled belt replacement...

If teh pump wasn't done - there is every chance that the pump has failed...and caused the belt failure... but of course this would have to be verified...and then go from there...

The garage in that case would likely argue that you didnt ask them to do the pump. Most good garages will always tell you the situation as above at the time of the belt replacement - ie, that the pump is timing belt driven and that as the pump has done 57k miles - and fitting a new belt would put increased tension on the bearings on the "57k old"pump - then its a good idea to renew the pump - to stop it failing.... Not all do - but it is good practice to avoid failure..

Im just telling this is thats what they say has caused it.. I would keep the above information to yourself until it may be needed you understand - and then go from there..
They may just offer a free repair - Its doubtful but I have known that happen... It will be a case of seeing what they say about it and go from there...

If they say its water pump failure - not belt.. then you have the above info as ammo if you like to get a deal out of them!.....

I Sincerely XXXXX XXXXX have helped you ...but do ask me if you need anything more...

Kind Rgds - MIKE...

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