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martin jones
martin jones, UK Car Mechanic
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  25 years as a mechanic and mot tester, owned own business for 10 years city and guilds trained
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207 GTI: pull the handbrake up it goes..bang..snapped

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Hi I own a peugeot 207 GTI and the handbrake has just failed. When you pull the handbrake up it goes up to the very top and does not hold the car. I did hear a faint bang noise like a cable had snapped. Would it be the cable and how easy is it to do. Also how do you remove the centre console so I can look at the handbrake to see what may have happened. Is this a regular fault the car is a 2007 model. Ta
Hi and welcome to JA.COM, i will try to assist you with your problem, first thing to do is to check that the cable at each rear caliper is attached,as i have known in the past for a cable to come off, if they are attached,get someone to operate your handbrake and note which brake cable is faulty.if i can remember the adjuster is under the centre console between the front seats....
I think if you pull out the rear ash tray you maybe able to see two cables joined to one cable (from handbrake) there are 13 mm adjustable nuts on the connecting bracket which need to put a certain strain on the two rear cables...but not to much.
after adjustment maybe jack-up the rear of the car and see if both rear wheels
are rotating freely, hope this helps, kind regards martin.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Martin,


Thanks for getting in touch, it appears that the two cables that go into the connecting bracklet have both pulled out.


I have tried to reconnect them but as soon as I pull up the handbrake the cables pull back out.


Any ideas.

Hi there, you must have a problem with the connecting bracket/or the ends are not home fully,please advise,regards martin.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi Martin,


It appears that the cables have came away from the connection bracket. How would you recommend fixing the fault.


The cables themselves appear ok.

Hi if the cables fit inside the bracket, it may have opened up,allowing the cables to pass through, it may be worth comparing your bracket with a new one from your local dealer, if it has opened up you will need to replace this bracket, you could try squeezing up the bracket, but it may be weakened, hope this helps,kind regards martin.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



It appears that the rear offside caliper has seized.


How much would you expect to pay for a pattern rear caliper supply and fit and to refit the cables back into the bracket.


Car is at an independent garage at the moment, just want to make sure im not conned.



Hi there, price for caliper is about £45.00 + vat, about 1 1/2 hours to remove and fit new caliper, bleed brakes and refit cables, price for job in our garage would be about £65.00 labor, so total £110.00 + vat, hope this helps, kind regards XXXXX XXXXX labor rates differ around the country
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