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vauxdoc, vauxhall master tech
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  over 25 years from viva to vectra
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removed wrong fuse on astra club 07 reg , replaced straight

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removed wrong fuse on astra club 07 reg , replaced straight away but central locking not working now, fuse ok
Hi and welcome to, i will try to assist you with your problem,from what you describe you have lost sync, place key in ignition and turn on ignition, but dont start, within 30 seconds press either the lock or unlock button, this should lock/unlock car and put it back in sync, .....If my answer was helpful please press accept and leave feedback as this is how i get paid, kind regards martin.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

tried that before, the internal lock on the dash does not work either,thanks

Hi there, in that case i will opt out and let another expert try and help, kind regards martin.
Hi , perhaps I can help, was it the front or rear fuse box and which circuit had the original fault , let me know and I will help more , regards Vauxdoc.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

The original fault was window wash/tailgate(boot) , which ive changed that fuse before which rectified the problem but a few months later the tailgate(boot) started to get hard to open but the window wash was ok, so i changed the fuse again on the tailgate which is a red 10amp fuse but it made no differance so i took the yellow 20amp fuse which was next to the red 10amp and tried the 20amp in the tailgate fuse socket , that did 'nt work so i put the yellow fuse back to its original place and tried locking the car up with the fob but it did'nt work i checked the button inside the car which normally locks the car when your inside the car and that does'nt work either. i hope this information is useful to you to help diagnose the problem.

Thanks for that , there are half a dozen different fuse box layouts for the Astra "H" series but from what you tell me there should be a 10 amp red fuse in No.8 and 20 amp yellow in No,7

Try this but it depends on if your has "keyless entry" and if there is a fuse box in the N/S/R 1/4 panel which measures around 12" x 6" .

In the past you said that the wash and tail gate failed due to a fuse and this is vary common when the screen wash freezes and blows the fuse which feeds both circuits , however the actual tailgate switches do wear and fail after time as it is only a microswitch so i suggest that this may be the underlying fault.

I hope this helps , let me know if you need more help , regards XXXXX XXXXX
Customer: replied 9 years ago.

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX be the problem for the tailgate problem but if i had not removed the n07 yellow 20amp, the central locking would be still working!. Its as if its logged a fault and just shut down, if there is any other solution to the central locking problem it would be a great help but your probeley right on the tailgate situation, would the tailgate switch easy to fit and would it be expensive,thanks

Hi the boot switch is clipped into the chrome tail gate strip and held on with about 4 , 8mm nuts , the switch costs around £20.

As I say check that positions 7 and 8 have their fuses in.

After this the central locking will need testing on a diagnostic scanner preferably at a dealer ,the fuse box that we have been talking about is called the under hood electrical centre (UEC) and this is the controller for the central locking so check the fuses

Best regards XXXXX XXXXX
vauxdoc, vauxhall master tech
Category: UK Car
Satisfied Customers: 1192
Experience: over 25 years from viva to vectra
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