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hi my name is peter and i reciently bought a mits shogun 3.2

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hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX i reciently bought a mits shogun 3.2 diesel,short wheel base,2002.
i think it is a great jeep ,plenty of power,easy to drive,but my question is since i bought it the 2 green lights have been on in the dash for theXXXXX,thats ok but the other day i had to bring a small minidigger down the country for delivery and for the first 200 klm it stayed on the 2 green in 2 wd then all of a sudden they went off and the orange light in the middle started flashing,so as i was told i pulled in and switched it off for a minute when i started it again it was fine for another 100klms then it did it again.all the way home (300klms) it did it 2 or 3 times.i pulled in for diesel about 50 klms from home and the 2 wd lights came on again and it has stayed that way on the way home 1 time i stopped i got out and put my hand on the rear diff and it was so hot i could feel the heat from it without touching it ,i dont know if that is normal or not also there is bigger wheels on the jeep than normal (285/55/18) please let me know what you think is the problem and what i can do to put it right as i realy like the jeep and want to keep it .also i tryed to put it in 4wd high and the 4 green lights went on for a minute or so then the orange light started flashing so i put it back in to 2wd and it went back to 2 green lights again.

thank you.
please help
Hi welcome to will answer your question the best I can,

The switches are susceptible to water damage, and new revised switches are available to prevent this problem.

This is why on a lot of Mitsubishi, the green or yellow light flash when not selected


Reference Number(s): TSB-02-23-007, Date of Issue: November 2002 PURPOSE

Due to moisture entry, the transfer shift position switch terminals may corrode, causing the 4WD indicator lamp to begin flashing and/or Diagnostic Trouble Code 33 to set.

To eliminate this condition, replace the transfer switches with the new, improved switches listed in this bulletin.

Vehicles produced since 2/26/01 have transfer switches with corrosive-resistant terminals. AFFECTED VEHICLES 2001-2002 Montero vehicles produced before 2/26/01 PROCEDURE 1.

Replace the five transfer switches indicated below, using the improved parts listed in the PARTS INFORMATION section of this bulletin.
Refer to Group 23 of the appropriate service manual. Fig.
1:Transfer Switch Locations
2. Clear the DTC, using the scan tool.
3. Test drive the vehicle to confirm the 4WD indicator lamp does not flash and DTC 33 does not reset.

MITSUBISHI: 2001-2002 Montero GROUP: 23 Automatic Transmission

Need further assistance please let me know.
Regards Greg
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

hi, thank you very much for giving me your answer ,the only thing is that can i do it myself or do i need some machine for resetting them or what have i to do in lay mans terms. I f i can do it myself roughly how much would they cost and what is the proceedur in changing them. today i changed all the oils in the front and back diffs and in the transfer box and gear box ,,, i put in EP 80/90 oil. the oil was good in the diffs and up to the levels but the transfer box was very mucky and cloudy in colour. after i changed the oils i took the jeep for a spin and the 2wd lights were light but when i put it into 4wd high the 4 green lights came on for about 100 mts thenit went into the center orange light flashing (about once every second) so if possible can you tell me if it is the problem you said still or do you think it might be something else.



thank you very much for your help and i will pay you for your help

If it is going into 4WD ok and working then its the sensors .

Yes you could do this your self but you would have to drop the rear end of the transmission to get to them as they are situated on the top rear end.
Once replace should go back to normal without resetting.

Regards Greg

Edited by Greg on 8/18/2010 at 12:27 AM EST
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi Greg ,i understand your answer now ,,,thanks very much. so what should i ask for in the parts department and how many do i have to get.
Ask for the 5 detection switched but the 5 updated switch, not the old ones or you will have the same problem again in a few years .

Regards Greg
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