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hi i have a peugeot 407 hdi 2.0 i had a message anti pollution

Customer Question

hi i have a peugeot 407 hdi 2.0 i had a message anti pollution system faulty i checked the codes and they came up with p1351,p1198,p1434,p1435,p0461,p2408 can you help me by telling me whats wrong when it occurs i lose power and black smoke is visible under acceleration i have changed the oil and air filter and added fuel treatment it has only done 63000 miles

many thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Engineering Pro replied 7 years ago.

Hello Colin

Below are the peugeot codes and descriptions:


P1198 Pump rotor control Underfuelling - SID801 - Diesel high pressure monitoring. Flow regulator at stop

P1351 IDM input circuit Malfunction circuit High voltage

P1434 A/C Refrigerant temperature circuit High

P1435 A/C Refrigerant temperature circuit Range/Performance / EDC15C2-Additive adding system. Faults additive accuracy

P0461 Fuel level sensor circuit range/performance

P2408 Fuel cap sensor


Usually the anti pollution fault involves recharging/refilling the dpf fluid. The loss of power and black smoke etc all point to that and its pretty common. The mileage your vehicle has covered would be about right for a refill.


However the other codes you have listed have nothing to do with a pollution fault message!


As you may be chasing your tail if you try to address the fault codes it would be best to get the car in just for the pollution fault fix. A fluid top up from peugeot should cost around 200 pounds. It will probably clear the first 2 codes.

Once thats been done and the codes related to the pollution fault have been cleared you will be able to get a better idea of whats going on with the other codes.

If youve had a refill of the AC system or its not functioning properly then this wil explain the 2 AC codes.

The fuel level and fuel cap sensors could be tricky, i find it hard to believe they will both have gone down at the same time, but its possible.


Best bet is get the pollution system/DPF additive sorted then go from there.


If you need any further information just ask


All the best