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vauxdoc, vauxhall master tech
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Experience:  over 25 years from viva to vectra
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I have a 04 astra van 1.7cdti..wont start

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Hi, I'm new to this but here goes. I have a 04 astra van 1.7cdti. That wont start. If i tow it. It starts straight away. Or if i give it a sniff of the drearde old easy start again it starts straight away and will run fine till you turn it off, even if you try to start it again straight away it wont go. I changed the diesel filter and then it started a few times. So i inspected the filter housing and found what looked like a hair line crack. so i changed this, And it seemed to start fine. It was in my workshop for a couple of weeks waiting for the log book so i kept starting it and it was on the button. I took it for it's mot and back about 6 miles and it was fine. I then took it back for retest. got ack to work shop then went to move it and it wouldnt start so i seem to be back to square one. I've put my scanner on it and there are no codes what so ever. so i'm lost is there any one with an idea what to try next. Sorry to go on just want to explain as best i could. Thanks David
Welcome to Just Answer David, Please don't apologise the more information the better, you should see some of the stuff we are supposed to help and diagnose with next to nothing to go on.

A very common fault on this Z17DT series engine is that as the high pressure fuel pump wears and minute pieces of metal get washed around the fuel system and some get lodged in the injectors causing the needles to stick, this then causes the H.P.pump to loose pressure and then you have to crank and crank until it eventually fires, you may have seen some of this swarf if you looked closely at the bottom of the filter bowl.

When these were in warranty Vauxhalls instructed us to replace everything on the HP system,injectors, pipes, pump, filter and wash out the tank and lines, you may have a local Bosch service centre that can overhaul the injectors and get away with cleaning the system out.

This fault can be tested by looking at the live data on your scanner and looking at the fuel pressure it will be 0-5 bar when crank and when it is ready to fire it will gradually go up 5-10-15-20bar and run.

I hope this helps, best regards, Vauxdoc.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yeah thats what i have heard. I brought it with the fault. It came with 4 spare injectors i was told it had already had some fitted. Would i be best to remove the pump and send it for test along with the injectors. Thanks for the help. David
Hello David , The pump is a throw away part, the suction valve on it can be replaced though, I don't think a diesel centre could test the pump but we often get the injectors tested and then condemned, maybe after testing 8 of them you may be able to pick out 4 good ones, it only takes 1 stuck needle to cause this fault.

Best regards, Vauxdoc.
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