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wefwef, Technical support engineer
Category: UK Car
Satisfied Customers: 305
Experience:  20 years experience,15 with Renault as master technician,technical support for 2 major manufacturers
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Hi - my renault modus electric panoramic sunroof is locked

Customer Question

Hi - my renault modus electric panoramic sunroof is locked open after a day out. it's now evening and i have effectively an 'open' car. When I turned the operating dial to close it, it started to close, got about half way and bounced back to the fully open position. It did this each time I tried it.

The manual said to turn the outer dial to the '0' position and then press the inner button. i did and exactly the same thing happened. Now if i turn the dial absolutely nothing happens at all.

My car is a manual, petrol, and 4 years old. It's now Saturday evening, with nowhere open until Monday morning with my car open to the elements and to thieves. I called my breakdown service but the only guy on call doesn't do electrics and has never fixed a sunroof!!!! Can you help?!!!
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  wefwef replied 7 years ago.
Hi. Do you still require advice on trying to close the roof or not? Kind regards
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes please!!
Expert:  wefwef replied 7 years ago.
Hi. There are a couple of options you can try. As long as the actual mechanism is not broken or has any obstructions you can try a similar operation to the one described. Switch on the ignition, turn the sunroof dial to the closed position press and hold the inner button for approx 2-3 seconds then release and immediately repress the button, holding the button pressed. This is designed to overcome the anti pinch function of the sunroof and close the roof ignoring the higher resistance detected, and is used to re-initialise the sunroof. You can also try this by switching the dial to the fully tilted position and carry out the same process. To be successful, it will obviously rely on good electrical power, and the mechanism is able to close. If this does not work and you can see no obvious broken parts in the mechanism, the only option you can try is to lower the rear of the roof lining carefully. This is where the roof motor is located from memory, and if your lucky the motor may have an allen key opening in the centre of the motor that should allow you to use an allen key and manually close the roof, again, if the mechanism is physically able to. The motor is either located at the front or rear of the mechanism, and I cannot remember for certain if the Modus is front or rear. If you can remove the interior light at the front, this may allow you to see if the motor could be at the front, if not it will be at the rear of the mechanism, and by gently prising down the roof lining should allow access if careful. The roof linings are reasonably flexible, but try to avoid bending in sharp folds as this may leave the lining creased. With any luck using the button should work, as the mechanisms are usually solid, and in most cases the manual procedure described should at least allow you to close the roof until getting to a garage. I hope this helps. Kind regards