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Category: UK Car
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Replace coil spring front driver side on 2003 renault espace mark 4

Resolved Question:

how to replace coil spring front driver side on 2003 renault espace mark 4
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Matt replied 7 years ago.

teh 1st thing to consider is how you're planning to compress the spring to remove it.

Most DIY spring compressors won't be up to the job and I'd recommend removing the entire strut as a unit and visiting your local Kwik fit / garage who should have a large compressor to squeeze it down safely for the price of a drink.

If you're happy to do this then;
Loosen the appropriate wheel and jack the car up

Undo the strut top mount under the bonnet to allow the strut to fall free of the inner wing

Undo the lower strut mount through bolts but scribe a mark on the upright around the mounting lugs 1st to allow the recovery of the camber setting

Now you may be able to withdraw the strut and wisk it away to your local garage but if you can't then you'll have to undo the lower wishbone mountings to drop that corner off and gain enough room
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