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wefwef, Technical support engineer
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  20 years experience,15 with Renault as master technician,technical support for 2 major manufacturers
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Renault: immobiliser..disconnecting..reconnecting..battery, locking

Customer Question

My Renault Clio will not start because of the immobiliser. Have tried disconnecting the battery with the key in ignition, leaving, then reconnecting battery, locking with the blip key then coming back to it but no joy.

Any suggestions?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  wefwef replied 7 years ago.
Hi. If the immobiliser light is flashing when the ignition is switched on then this can be cause dby numerous things. the most common things to check are the relays in the black plastic box of the n/s/f wing. The small relays can get water damaged or just become defective and cause this kind of problem, so try swapping them around and inspect for signs of water damage. If you have a spare key give it a try, but the keys can become defective and if taken apart you may be able to see one of the possible defects, and that is the transponder on the circuit board has a broken soldered joint. You may be able to resolder but normally a new key is the best option. The key can also become defective and you would not be able to see any problem. Another area can be the aerial that sits around the ignition barrel which reads the code from the key and passes it to the control unit located above the passengers feet. These aerials are not coded and can be replaced very easily. The control unit itself and the injection computer can also develop immobiliser problems but this is very rare and the other items mentioned previously are far more common. To diagnose properly you will need to get Renault to take a look as the security system is difficult to check for obvious reasons. I would ask for their RTE (Renault Technical Expert) to take a look. I hope this helps. Kind regards
Customer: replied 7 years ago.



The immobiliser light is not flashing when the key goes into the ignition. It stays a constant red along with the stop sign that stays on red (and some other lights at the bottom which normally go out when the car is started).


Also I don't think it is anything to do with the key as I have used two different keys both not working.


-- It is worth mentioning that before this problem of the car not starting at all, the car was 'concking out' after it had been running and moving at speed, then slowing right down and not moving at all, for example coming to a stand still on the motorway or at traffic lights. I had decided that these were two seperate problems but perhaps not?




Expert:  wefwef replied 7 years ago.
Hi. If the immobiliser light is staying on permanently then this means the immobiliser has not been switched off which would explain why the vehicle won't start. I would say the first place I would start is the relays mentioned previously which can develop faults. If this does not fix the issue then a proper diagnosis will be required to determine which part of the circuit is faulty. The cutting out may or may not be linked, the relays could also have a relationship with this issue as if the power they supply suddenly fails then it is likely the vehicle could cut out, but you may also have a separate problem. You will obviously need to get the vehicle started first to then see if the cutting out is cured as well. I hope this helps. Kind regards