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wefwef, Technical support engineer
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Experience:  20 years experience,15 with Renault as master technician,technical support for 2 major manufacturers
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Renault: 16v..the rear windscreen heater have all stopped working

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I have an 04 Renault Megane, 1.4 16v dynamique. The heating system and the rear windscreen heater have all stopped working. I have replaced the fuse, but the heating is still not working.
Hi. When you say the heating is not working do you mean you can only get cold air into the car or do you mean the fan is not working etc. By replacing the fuse does the heated rear screen now work? Has this occurred after any work carried out on the vehicle?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
There is no air at all being blown out of the fans and the digital display is also off..... By replacing the fan neither the heating or the heated rear screen work. There has been no work carried out on the car recently, and this has just stopped. thanks
Hi, these two faults may or may not be related. The heated rear screen switch sends an earth signal to the control unit located behind the dashboard left hand side, this then sends the power feed through the fuse to the rear screen. I would suggest checking all fuses in the vehicle and include the obvious ones behind the glovebox panel, and also check the ones in the control unit in the black plastic box located on the n/s/f wing. You will see many fuses and wiring connectors here. Check all the fuses in case one is blown, and also remove the connectors and check for signs of water ingress as this is known to happen where water makes it's way into the wiring and the computer and causes some weird electrical problems. If water has entered you will most likely need a new one of these computers and if your lucky the wiring can be cleaned enough to be ok. If you only find a blown fuse, you will need to replace it and see if it blows again. If it does a wiring diagram and a thorough check of the wiring will be required to eliminate where the short circuit is. When checking the fuses, don't rely on the picture to indicate everything that each fuse protects, as many of these fuses cover numerous circuits, so my advice is to check each fuse individually with a multimeter for speed, but if you don't have one you will have to pull each fuse in turn and inspect to see if it has blown or not. A tip is to remove one fuse at a time and return it straight away if it is ok to prevent you having a lot of fuses of different ratings and no idea where they come from. I suggest starting with each fuse in the glovebox first and then move to the box under the bonnet. I hope this helps. Kind regards
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