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if toyota vigo timing belt light is on,how to turn off the

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if toyota vigo timing belt light is on,how to turn off the light
You will need to have the belt changed and the light reset. If you fail to hange the belt you run the risk of catastophic engine failure should the timing belt break. this WILL run into several hundreds of pounds or more. The replacement cost should only be approx 60 - 80 pounds. Cheers Mark
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

sorry to say that my question wasn't really answered. what i need to know is the steps to reset the timing belt light manually, after the timing belt changed, so that the light is off. i would like to know the detail step by step. thank you.

OK, so I assume you have replaced the Timing Belt. Set dash to odometer (not trip one or two). Hold button in and turn key to ignition. Keep holding it for about 30-40 seconds. If done right, when you let it go it should stay on odo. Push it again the number 15 comes up. Push the button and it scrolls through 1-15. Hold to go back to odo. That should tell your car to let you know the timing belt needs to be changed in another 150 000 kms. If yours is in Miles/hour then it should be done at 90 000 miles. Cheers Mark
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