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Gav, MOT tester / techinian
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  BTEC, NVQ 2 & 3, 10 years experience in motor trade
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Where is the fuse located to disable central locking peugeot 406

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where is the fuse located to disable central locking peugeot 406

Fusebox behind dash under steering wheel and to the right. (possibily behind pocket/drawer in dash).

fuse 15

Removing fuse could cause other systems to not work if they share the same feed.

Central locking control module is located behind dash on passenger side.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The cenral locking system is malfunctioning and I only want to disable it can you suggest the easiest way to do so please.
First i would remove the fuse and see if that causes any other problems. If so then it may be worth refitting the fuse and unplugging the control module, but this also in turn could cause problems as it may well be linked to the immoblizer. The central locking system works on a system that basicaly copys each other. The problem may lay in a faulty switch or solenoid. If one solenoid appears to be locked then they will all lock. However if one doesnt lock it will cause all to unlock. Cause they will think someone has unlocked the car. Hope this makes some kind of sense.
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