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how do i remove the drivers airbag on a 2000 vw polo Tried

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how do i remove the drivers airbag on a 2000 vw polo? Tried inserting screwdriver into the two holes on either side at rear of steering wheel and pulling assy forward - as per instructions. Any ideas?

Good afternoon, I hope I can help you.


You are almost there. Once you insert the screwdriver blade you have to rock it to the side slightly to disengage the catches then pull forward.


My name is XXXXX XXXXX if you need further help, just ask.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I got it off in the meantime but dont worry I'll approve your effort so u can get paid. Get back to u shortly with more info.

Thanks for that.



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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Bill As per our talk yesterday see below description of Polo airbag removal. Feel free to use it for your other clients. Probably the same for other VWs I would think. I will email copy of pics toXXX@XXXXXX.XXX. David

Airbag Removal VW Polo

To remove the airbag/horn assembly from the steering wheel on the VW Polo first disconnect the battery to prevent accidental inflation of the airbag.

Insert the key in the ignition to allow movement of the steering wheel.
Turn the wheel 90 degrees to allow access to one of the holes on the underside of the wheel. Insert a flat headed screwdriver approx 175cm long into the hole parallel to the steering column as far as it will go. Turn the screwdriver towards the ceiling so as to push the clockspring towards the centre of the wheel while gently pulling the topside of the airbag assembly towards you. This should release the clasp. Now turn the wheel 180 degrees in the opposite direction and repeat the procedure for the second clasp. Note that there is significant tension in the spring so that you will need to manoeuvre your screwdriver and push hard against the spring. See the attached photos.
Photo 1 shows the steering wheel with the assembly removed; note the retaining hooks which clasp the clockspring thereby holding the complete assembly in place.
Photo 2 shows the underside of the airbag assembly; arrows indicate the steel clockspring while in the clasped position.
Photo 3 indicates the direction that you have to push each side of the spring. The screwdrivers are shown having pushed the spring sufficiently to clear the retaining hooks.