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2004 kia sedona: delphi..rail fuel system..fuel pump failed

Customer Question

I have a 2004 kia sedona 2.0crdi L with delphi commom rail fuel system. The fuel pump failed, inside had disintegrated and blocked injectors as well. Replaced injectors, got working pump from another sedona with same system. Fitted it but car won't start, had car put on diagnostics, only putting up 270 pressure first time try to start then only 70 second time. Have heard pump has to be chipped to car. Any way i can get the car starting as it stands.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Ian replied 8 years ago.
Hi Welcome to Just Answer

The pump on your KIA on the Delphi DCi system it does not need coding there is nothing to code on it. All teh pump has is a pressure sensor and an actuator on it.
Locking pumps to engines was only the case on non common rail engines.

However your injectors are coded , but this is only to program the performance tolerances and to fine tune the fuelling. The system cannot tell if they are miscoded.
If you originally had 270 Bar high pressure that is more than enough to fire the engine up and if everything was ok the engine should have fired up on this which makes me think there may be further issues with your engine.

However what is disconcerting is that now you are saying that you only have 70bar , way too low, the injectors do not open till around 110 bar.

You say that you replaced pump and the injectors , did you replace the rest of the HP system as well ?

If your pump suffered the normal Delphi pump failure will the cage breaking up it puts swarf everywhere. This collects not only in the injectors but also in the common rail , pipes and sensors. This is then recirculated throughout the entire fuel system colecting in the tank , LP pipes , pump and filters. If nothing else is checked cleaned or renewed this swarf goes into the new pump when you try to start the engine again and wrecks it.

What I think you need to do is carefully check for swarf in the fuel tank , filter and common rail.

If there is none I would be looking at checking the compressions on the engine, although you dont say it did , if the pump fails and lock it can upset the valve timing.