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Hello. I have a ford puma and the abs warning light and brake

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Hello. I have a ford puma and the abs warning light and brake traction control lights have come on - it's also making a banging (almost like something is loose underneath)and whistling/hissing noise. There was no indication before yesterday that there was anything wrong. Am very worried - specially this time of the year. What is wrong and will it be a big job to fix? Many thanks. XXXXX
Hello Sue.... Welcome to justanswer...

For the ABS and TC lights to be on - there must be something amiss in the circuits and usually a fault code reader / diagnostic machine is needed to see what the problem is.

The banging underneath though doesn't make a lot of sense - in that that is not a "normal" consequence of Abs /Tc trouble.... It may just be worth having or having someone take a good look underneath to see if you have caught something up - which may still be there and in doing so , it may have tugged . damaged or disconnected one of the ABS sensors .. that would put your fault lights on for sure.

It really is difficult at this stage to know or to say what It would be without guessing -and I don't tend to like doing that ... You will have to make a visual inspection as to what may be under the car.

The other thing that comes to mind - re the banging etc -is that maybe you have developed a drive shaft problem ... The Abs sensors are on the ends of the drive shaft areas - a loose or faulty drive shaft would indeed cause a banging and it would throw the abs out of sync...

You do need to get someone to make some visual checks for you at least and if nothing is caught or hanging then you would need to drive or have it taken to a garage so that it can be put on a ramp and looked at like that...

The above has to be your best course of action for now.... let me know how you get on and if you need more help as you go...

Kind Rgds...MIKE

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Feedback is always appreciated too

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks Mike. I checked underneath and there doesn't seem to be anything hanging etc. I'm worried about the hissing/screeching noise that started as I returned home. The brakes seem to work (but have had two scrunch sounds from them). The car wasn't handling at all well (very frightening). I will book into the local garage but would appreciate your comments on this.
Hello again Sue..

yes, I did note the comments about the screech/hiss noise... but didn't go into that for fear of worrying you unduly.

As you cant see anything hanging or caught - that is good -- It would seem , from here -- that you may have a bearing and / or brake failure problem -- that would affect the ABS / TC system for sure as the sensors are tight in there - especially on the rears as they are actually in the hub with the bearing... That would account for the screech - Im not so sure about the hissing - but that could just be a descriptive thing -- there's no air system or anything under there --other than the brake servo but thats under the bonnet .

Reading through again - it could be a steering ( power steering) system problem as you say it handled poorly... but its somewhat difficult to envisage whats going on here... You have done the right thing booking it in a garage - and if you are unsure about its safety - you should have them pick it up for you as opposed to driving it....

Keep me in touch with how you go with it....or if you need more help meantime..

Very best Rgds...MIKE

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PS~ Please press the ACCEPT button if you are happy with my answer/advice given - Thank you . Thats how I get paid for my time ;-)

Feedback is always appreciated too

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you. Will let you know the outcome.


I'm being really blonde here but how to I get in touch with you to let you know what happened?

Hi again..... ;)

All you have to do to get back to me is come back to this post and reply to me as you have been doing... I will then see it and be able to reply to you no problem.

The system is - if you are happy with my answer / advice given - we ask you to press the ACCEPT button -- that is how I get paid for my time / I dont get paid till you do.

At any time after that -or meantime - you can just "reply" and I will get your answer in my 'pending' don't worry about losing touch ;)

Best Rgds..... MIKE
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

You're a star. So glad I found you. Difficult as I know nothing about cars (hub in Army so away a lot) - give me a computer anyday - I can fix that!


I think I already clicked the 'accept' button. Let me know if I have'nt.


I think I'd better brace myself for a big bill. Thank you again. Sue B

Hello again Sue...

Thank you for your reply... Isn't funny how its always each to his own as they say... my other laptop , the predecessor to this one is in a million and one bits on the floor..awaiting soldering and then putting back togther... I took it apart alright.!!. Frown

Ok , ... I'll mention the accept button being as you have - we are not allowed to ask - but my system shows that you havn't done an Accept press anywhere - or if you did , it hasn't gone through... so if I send this reply as an Answer now - you will see an Accept button which you can have another stab at for me if you will ;)
I'll let you know the result.....

SPeak to you later - and look forward to the news on the car - unlike you I should imagine Cry

Kind Rgds & thanks.... MIKE ;)
Mike and other UK Car Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hope this works. Car in early tomorrow and up on the ramp.


I probably didn't say before but I work on a farm and am constantly removing the farm muck from my tyre rims?


Thanks again. (Pressing Accept now). Sue

Thats got it Sue...thank you . ;)

UUmmm work on a farm... I dread to think what you may have run over! ( I worked on a farm for many of my formative years ! )

Thats made me wonder if some "thing" has got itself in the ABS sensors and that would put the lights on and effect the handling to some degree....but - we will see what the results of the inspection reveal... it will be interesting....

Rgds - for now.. Mike
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thanks Mike. More tomorrow after she has been up on the ramps.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Mike.


Just got a call from the garage. He said the front wheel bearing has collapsed and completely shattered. He listed of a load of things that have to be done and said he doesn't know how I got to the garage. Apparently it's quite common with Ford Focus so I guess as mine is a Ford as well there could be a link.


You've been very kind with all your advise and I'm really glad I found you site. Just one very last thing. Have you got a rough guestimate of how much this will cost?


Many thanks again.


Sue B

Hello again Sue...


Well well ! We were in the right areas then - and that will put your abs on for sure as the sensor is totally confused by the erratic -or no, signal.


Once the wheel bearing has been done , the abs etc will be fine...


As to cost.... difficult -- because I dont know what / how much damage has occured -- to be honest - normally a new wheel bearing and thats that -- probably about 100£ job done -- but IF its damaged all the hub - and sometimes when they go really badly , they can do that -- then I would be suggesting they get a second hand hub - as a new one will be horribly expensive...


I have actually looked one up for you on e bay.... it is HERE... That gives you a view of whats what -- but they are "handed" -- you have to get the right one for your car and the right side -- left or right...


That is a second hand one with the bearing etc all in it..... so you can see the cost if that -even for a second hand one ( so what a new one is.....?!)....


But fitting that as a complete hub - depending where you are ( prices vary around the country) -- average 50£....


I hope thats some help for you Sue... let me know if I can help you any more..


Rgds.... MIKE