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vauxdoc, vauxhall master tech
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Experience:  over 25 years from viva to vectra
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Vauxhall..seams locked have locked and unlocked the car..manually

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Hi, i have a problem with my Vauxhall zafira, we had a cold spell a few days ago and since then i can not open my boot, seams locked have locked and unlocked the car to see if it will unstick, nothing is happening, it's as if it is locked on and i am not hearing the click for it to open , it can not open manually so i am stuck, i have a disabled child and now i can not get his chair in and out the boot, hope you have some suggestions. Thanks Lorna
Welcome to JA, there should be a small plastic plug on the inside of the tailgate, flick this out then you can get a screwdriver in to turn the catch, however your car should be covered under the AA as it is so new, give them a ring and under your circumstances they should be out to you quickly, if your car is from motability give them a call as well.
I hope this helps, good luck, Vauxdoc.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, many thanks, XXXXX XXXXX and i can open the boot, but when i close it again it will not open from the outside again. if it is something simple that i can do myself i would like to do it rather than call someone out. What do you think i should do now if it still wont open as i can not do in and out the side door to open the boot ?
Hello again, good i'm glad that you got in, can't quite remember what the new Zafira lock looks like but on the earlier ones you had to make sure that the key slot was in the horizontal position otherwise the central locking did not work, when its in the vertical it is permanently locked no matter what you do with the remote, if i were you i would take the car to you Vauxhall dealer as it is under guarantee, even if they can't fix it on the spot they can at least order the parts needed, best regards, Vauxdoc.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
thanks for your help and will probably have to get someone to look at it, at least i can get it open if i have to anyway at the moment and that makes a big diference. Glad of the help thanks Lorna
Thanks for using Just Answer Lorna, best regards, Vauxdoc.