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Matt, Mechanical Engineer
Category: UK Car
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opel: 1.3cdti van..air mass..local garage..only doing

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hi i have a 05 opel cobo 1.3cdti van and have a problem in take off and low gears with dullness and lack of power for a split second(s). also at times a splutering in low gears and i have changed the air mass sensor. the local garage have had the same probs but no solution!!!! its only doing low 40s in economy any answers!!!

I would first change the fuel filter and treat it to a tank of good quality fuel ( not the supermarket stuff).

I would also check the condition of intake hoses after the turbo, for any splits, leaks or otherwise loose clips.

If neither of these helps then I would reccommend getting a local diesel injection specialist involved to measure the fuel pressure ( this needs specialist kit as the pressures are very high) this will hopefully point to if the pump is delivering low pressure or a faulty injector.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
the injectors were checked and the filters are new mechanic checked hoses ect any other theory????

OK how where the injectors checked?
Have they been on a injector flow test machine to confirm spray pattern and flow level?
Also has a measurement of fuel pressure been made at the fuel rail with the engine running?
Also worth measuring the boost pressure inside the inlet manifold , this will require a gauge to be fitted if only temporarily and the car taken for a drive or put on rollers.
Has the ECU been checked for any fault codes?
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