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My BMW Mini is overheating, there is no coolant leaking from

Resolved Question:

My BMW Mini is overheating, there is no coolant leaking from hoses, oil levels are normal, there is a slight hiss comming from the coolant header tank. I am losing coolant but cannot see from where as it is disapeering. Car is running normal otherwise, i.e no lose of power.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Mike replied 9 years ago.
Hello & Welcome to

You don;t mention the mileage - but there's a couple of things here that could be causing your problems...

Water pumps are favourite for leaking and also favourite for being very difficult to spot the leaks - as they are not easy to see and if the water is coming out as you are traveling - as they tend to - -- you see the problem.
Too - the radiator may have sprung a leak either through corrosion ( usually seen around the outer edges of the rad - between the alloy and the plastic tanks)... or a small impact. Again., difficult to spot.

What you need to have done is a manual pressure test... Most good garages have pressure testing equipment and this ups the pressure to a little over normal running pressure - but because the car is stationery - leaks can be spotted .

So , thats the thing to do now....

You may have had fan failure - but now its losing water, that is important to suss out for now - and that must be checked too.

You could have head gasket trouble - but not to jump at that -- do the pressure test first - and hopefully you wont have such troubles...

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