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The abs light keeps staying on in my dashboard afetr i have driven off

Customer Question

hi, the abs light keeps staying on in my dashboard afetr i have driven off, it will then go off for a while and then will come back on even whilst driving, this cycles just keep repeating during driving. I also once had a light showing fault in the elctronics/engine but this has just happened the once.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Mike replied 9 years ago.
Hello & Welcome to

The ABS light is coming on because the system ecu ( computer ) is detecting a fault in the braking / ABS system.... you need to have this checked out with a diagnostic machine to find the area of fault and then to deal with it....

On a DIY basis you can inspect each wheel cylinder - checking for a build up dirt and cleaning as required - so that there is the proper air gap between the end of the sensor and the cog - reluctor ring...

Check too, the condition of the reluctor ring -- checking for cracked or missing teeth - and checking between the teeth for cracks / fractures --- Anything like this that you may find will need to be renewed as this will put the light on the dash...

Check the wiring to the sensors including the connections either at the sensor or up the loom.

IF all of the above checks out ok - then the problem could be one of the sensors having failed electronically - or the wiring or the ABS pump -- you will at this point need to have it connected to a diagnostic machine to check the system out and then act accordingly to fix the fault/s.

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