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Laguna: a fault with the ESP but I cannot get a circuit diagram

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renault laguna estate ide 2002 there is a fault with the ESP but I cannot get a circuit diagram. Can you help

Hi there & Welcome to!

I should be able to help you with this but would need to know specifially what you need - The esp light is on I take it...



Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Mike's Post: there is a light on and a verbal warning that the ESP has a fault. You can feel that it is not working.

Hello again and Thank you for the reply -

Ok, Im not really sure any wiring diagram is going to help you at all here - Your car is a 02 Renault and the electronics are somewhat wizardry!

As the ESP light is coming on - this is indicating that the car computer (ecu) has logged faults in the ESP management system - What needs to be done now is to have those faults read from the ecu - which will point to the area of the fault -

You need to have the car put on a diagnostic computer - have a look in your local yellow pages - or similer, for a garage or a mobile diagnostician - that has the suitable equipment to fo this for you - many have - it doesn't have to be a dealer - though they don't tend to be too bad for a diagnostic check and with the CLIP machine it may be best in the case of the ESP light -- By the way ESP = 'Electronic Stabilty Program'

As I say, this could be anything from tyre pressures to the main bcm module - but likely its a sensor fault --

The diagnostic is the only way forward for you to effect a sure cure ;)


I Sincerley hope I have helped you -- Please ask if you need further help -

Kind Rgds, MIKE

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Any & All Bonuses Are Gratefully Received ~ Thank you again.

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