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Mike, UK Car Mechanic
Category: UK Car
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Experience:  Hi, I am a Car/ vehicle technician of 34 years. 29of -running my own repair/diagnostic business.
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My vauxhall astra white smoke bellows out the xhaust like fog

Resolved Question:

everytime i turn the ignition on my vauxhall astra white smoke bellows out the xhaust like fog
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: UK Car
Expert:  Mike replied 9 years ago.

Hi & welcome to

HAve you checked the coolant level on your Astra? Is it using/losing any coolant/water?

It sounds very much from what you describe that you have the beginings of head gasket trouble. Have you checked the engine oil? Is it the correct colour - and not a yucky grey ?? That said, if it is a head gasket fault - and you are getting the white out of the exhaust - the chances are the water is escaping into the cylinders and not the oil - but it would still be worth checking.

You haven't said what engine is in your Astra - petrol or diesel........ Can I ask, is it starting and/or running ok ?

Please remember too to check the water level for the engine --

Let me know how you get on - and if I can help further, perhaps with the answers to the above questions - I will do so.

Rgds, Mike

PS~ Please hit ACCEPT if you are happy with my answer/advice given. Thank you ;)


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the car starts first time every time and its a petrrol engine the water level seems fine although the temp of the car always goes 2 btween 80 and 90 after about 5 to 10 mins.thank u for replying and i wil accecpt as soon as were finished
Expert:  Mike replied 9 years ago.

Thats fine my friend-- Thank you for getting back to us.

As the car is starting ok - it is unlikely you have a serious problem, as with a petrol version, water in the cylinders would undoubtedly affect starting and running. I think we can discount water problems. ;)

It would appear, without of course the benefit of seeing the car - that what you are experiencing is a 'blow-off' of excess oil -- likely this could be from a weep of oil from the valve stem seals down into the engine - nothing in that case to worry about.

If you are sure it is oil based and not water based - then I would trust that that will be whats happening.....

When you start the car - place your hand on the end of the exhaust - not tight, and see whether you feel it is water or oil based - Then we shall know ;)

Let me know what you think when you have done that...

Kind regards,



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