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How to time dual mass flywheel on isuzu trooper 3.

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how to time dual mass flywheel on isuzu trooper 3.0 tdi 2001 model

Hi there -- Welcome to

There is no specific way of 'timing the flywheel' as I think you are suggesting.

You need to check if you are getting a signalk from the CAS - crank sensor...

Is the flywheel that you have replaced the EXACT same / identical to the one you took off?? It doesnt make sense just to time it as this done automatically and is computer controllled. You must have lost the signal from your crank sensor - Is the wire on? or have you left something else off??

Has the sensor been damaged when fitting the flywheel and box?? Its easy done.

Im positive your problem is in these areas.

I sincerely XXXXX XXXXX ve helped you.. please feel free to ask more if needed...



PLEASE press ACCEPT if you are happy with my advice given - Thank you. ;)

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks for reply,there is no dowel on crank and bolts are not staggered so it is possible to fit flywheel in any position.Have read a post on a trooper forum and aparently there is a timing mark on the flywheel and crank has to be at tdc.Have checked crank sensor for damage and it is ok,vehicle was running before I removed gearbox.Can you suggest where I could find a diagram to explain the correct assembly procedure? Sorry its not straightforward.
Regards Clive.

Hi again - Jim - is it?

Ok from what you say - and I did assume this before - the vehicle was running before you did the job - so the problem is related -- When you say, the crank has to be at TDC -- what do you mean - for what operation? or are you thinking this is the case to time it up? If so, yes of course you are correct. But as you say, if there are no dowels etc on the flywheel then yes it can be fitted in any place - but something is not right there!

Thinking this through -- If the flywheel has a pin - or a gap - whatever triggers the sensor - and of course it will have something like that , then the flywheel will HAVE to be fitted in one position only! Usually there is a Cut Out on the flywheel that you line up with the new clutch etc ( sometimes on the clutch assembly, it looks like a 'teardrop' cut out --- and use that as your timing mark... Have you had a good look at all the old removed stuff to see if you can spot anything??

As I said just - It has to be the case --- Im afraid it looks like you are going to have to strip the lot off to check it - it must be on wrong Im afraid!!!! As you correctly say, the firing mech for the sensor has to be in the correct "time" - so HAS to fitted in one place only.

As I say, have alook at the old set up that you removed and see what you can spot.

Come back to me if you need more help - meanwhile I will look and see what I can find out for you further re the markings, but honestly, I think you may as well start pulling it to bits again - the flywheel is undoubtedly on wrong - in the wrong position :(

Rgds...... Mike

PLEASE press ACCEPT if you are happy with my advice given - Thank you. ;)

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thanks Mike you have confirmed my thoughts.I will remove gearbox this afternoon and have a good look and components.Wish I had painted a mark on crank/flywheel before I removed it...shoild have known better!!!

Hi there & thank you for the accept ;)

I dont envy you having to do it all again - but really , as you agree, sadly there's no other way :(

We've all been there/done that - Let me know how it goes ,

Rgds , Mike..

Don't forget for any other query Wink


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Mike's Post: Problem solved...first set crank to tdc. Half moon shaped indentation on flywheel goes to six o clock which places cut out on crank sensor timing ring at one o clock.
Thanks very much for your help.

Excellent stuff Jim -- Im so very glad I was able to help !!

You say the half moon shape cut out -- that would be similer to the tear drop cutout idea - I think its the VW Audi gang use ;) Dont know why they have to be all different - but the trick is to look for something ODD looking ;) ;)

Thats one you wont forget in a hurry eh ! ;)

Thanks again for letting me know -- very satisfying - if annoying for you !

All the best --

Rgds , Mike

PS --- Dont forget - if you ever need us again ~~ Mike