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Claire D
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My mother passed away in 2008 and the solicitors are dealing

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My mother passed away in 2008 and the solicitor's are dealing with the administration of estate. My mother had an account with nat west which was overdrawn by $4000. Nat West wrote off the debt in 2007. This is slowing things up and cannot finalize the administration estate.
I have just spoken to NatWest Estate Team who have no record of these account numbers because they were closed in 2007 is this still liabile under the estate? Can the solicitor just move on and finalize the administration they have spoken directly with nat west and this is what they have said over the phone.
Can the solicitor just closed from verbal confirmation over the phone? Is this debt payable from the estate?

He should really have evidence in writing, in the event that natwest come after the estate in the future. If natwest do not have evidence of the account, this may also be sufficient. The solicitor should also have placed advertisements for debtors and that would protect the estate.

Can I suggest that someone contact your mother's Natwest branch. They should have records there of the closed account where the debt has been written off. Also did your mother not retain any correspondence regarding this? it may be worth looking through her papers again, if you still have them.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Nat West do not have evidence of the account can the solicitor move forward. They account number do not exist. How can I instruct the solicitor to move forward on this. I do not have old paper's

Natwest should be able to produce a copy of the last statement showing the nil balance.

However, in addition, if Natwest have verified that no such account exists and have done so in writing. The solicitor has also made the statutory advertisements, he should be able to move to finalize the estate.

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