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F E SMITH, Solicitor
Category: UK Bankruptcy Law
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Experience:  Ll.b Hons and 30 years qualified
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Hi i was made bankrupt approx 9-10 years ago after i had a

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Hi i was made bankrupt approx 9-10 years ago after i had a nervous breakdown my father delt with it for me. i am married now and unfortumntley i need to go bankrupt again due to northern rock mortgage and a reduction in my husbands hours. My question is i have never told anyone about my breakdown or that i had to go bankrupt before but on the bankruptcy forms it asks if i have been bankrupt before will it still be on any records or can i put no? i dont know what to do as on the northern rock application it also asked if i had ever been bankrupt and i put no- help
the records may not go back that long but it is better to be made bankrupt by a creditor as then you pay no fees and don't complete forms.I would advise you to deal with it in this wayrather than declaring it yourself. This answer is based on the limited information provided. I hope that this answers your question, if so, I would ask you please to click ’Accept’ so that I can be paid. Best wishes F E

Edited by F E SMITH on 4/14/2010 at 3:40 PM EST
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