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I have a Bosch Condenser Dryer Classixx 7 model number

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I have a Bosch Condenser Dryer Classixx 7 model number WTE84105gb/25 that keeps cutting out mid cycle. It shuts down and goes completely dead, no lights. I have to turn the control knob to off for 3 minutes, it then resets and power is restored. It will then work for a bit and then switch off again. I have tested the temp regulator thermostat in the front panel and that works fine. I have also replaced the dome like temp limiter thermostat at the back near the heating element. I have done the machine diagnosis by turning the control knob to six o'clock and then to 7. This lights up the iron dry and cupboard dry lights. I am now at a loss what the problem is.

Hi, I'm Daniel welcome to JustAnswer, Im reviewing your question now and will post back with your reply momentarily

If the dryer is cutting out and going blank like this then its can only be either a faulty socket on the wall cutting out under load or the control board is the fault.

If you havent tried it already then try the dryer in another plug socket and see how it goes.

But if its still doing the same then the control board will be the fault here. As for it to go blank like this nothing else in there like a heater, sensor or thermostat will cause this.

It can only be down to a faulty control board in there im afraid.

So in this case the control board will need to be replaced on there to fix this.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Hi Daniel, thanks for the reply. Definitely not the socket as I have tried another socket and it still does the same thing. If one of the temp limiting thermostats are faulty and are not limiting the temp could that cause the machine to then trip via the TOC? Are you able to supply a new pcb and if so at what price? Thanks for your help so far.

If one of the thermostats trip then it cuts the heat out and if a thermistor fails then this stops the control board from sending power to the heater so neither causes the control board to cut out im afraid.

As to a new board ive just checked the price of this and its very expensive, Probberly not even worth fixing as the part is £250

Click here for the part direct from Bosch as they are the cheapest

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling from the start that the PCB was at fault but just wasn't 100% sure and was hoping I was wrong as they are not worth buying given that they are so expensive. Looks like it's time for a new machine. Thanks for the info and your time. I will end the conversation by rating you. Thanks again

No worries you very welcome, Just sorry it wasnt good news here.

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