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I have a Cannon 10455GF cooker, and the timer is making a

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Hi, I have a Cannon 10455GF cooker, and the timer is making a buzzing/clicking noise constantly. I guess that its the relay on the timer control. I cant see however how to remove the control panel to get to the timer!
Does anyone have the service manual, or know how to get to the timer on this model?
Many thanks
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
once I get to the timer, is there a way to just bypass it rather having to replace the timer as we never actually use the clock/timer anyway.Many thanksAndy.

Hi, I'm Daniel welcome to JustAnswer, Im reviewing your question now and will post back with your reply momentarily

To access the timer you need to pull all the control knobs off on the front and remove the timer buttons.

Then look under the control panel and you will see a few screws.

Remove these then slide the front panel either left or right and the console panel will come off from there.

Once thats off you can access the timer there.

On the back of the timer should be 4 wires. Theres a live and neutral into the timer and then there will be a relay on there with 2 wires going to it.

Its them 2 wires you need to bypass to link the timer out.

Once they are bypassed you need to disconnect the neutral feed from the timer to disconnect it.

If you not sure if you have the correct wires then post a picture of the back of the timer with the wires on it and i will comfirm it for you.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Hi Danel,Many thanks, ***** ***** does not seem to work. I have taken the control knobs off and removed the timer buttons. I have also undone the screws under the panel. The panel still doesn't come off.There are a couple of other screws hidden under two of the control knobs, so I undid those as well. Also, I undid 3 screws each side of the control panel to get the triangular(ish) sides off. The panel now comes away at the bottom, but shining a torch in through the panel from the sides I can see two screws still that seem to be fixed in to the panel from the top! I cant see the screw heads as the hob (whole top of the cooker) is covering them. These look like the last two screws, but I cant get to them! Any ideas?Many thanksAndy.

Sorry for the delay in replieing back. Had computer problems.

If you still havent sorted it then you may need to remove the hob top panel.

Remove the pan stands and the burners and from there around each burner are a few screws.

Remove them and then look at the back of the hob top and there you may find another few screws, Remove these as well.

Then you should be able to remove the hob top and that should give better access from there.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Many thanks, ***** ***** try that tomorrow.Andy.

No worries thats fine.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Many thanks, I'm in. What a faff just to get the front off!The timer has a couple of relays, and a few other wires, so not quite sure which ones need to do what! I've attached a few photos.Probably a silly question, but as the unit has 2 relays on it, can I just switch the two wires to the other relay and it might all magically work?Many thanksAndy

To bypass the timer you need to join the 2 red wires which goes to the relay there.

Im afraid you cannot just swap the wires over to the other relay as it wont switch over correctly.

So link the 2 red wires which are next to each other and that will link the timer out from there.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Perfect thanks, I'll do that tomorrow.Thanks for all of your helpAndy.

No worries thats fine.

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Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Thanks. I did that, and it still makes the annoying buzzing noise on the PCB. So to save my sanity I've just ordered a replacement timer as it wasn't that expensive. So I can just do a straight swap. It should be here next weekMany thanks for your help on this.Andy
No worries that's fine.But when you bypassed the timer did you disconnect the neutral feed to the timer. As that will then cut the power to the timer and stop the noise.If you look at my first reply i did say in there to disconnect the neutral feed as that will cut the power to the timer.