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Dish drawer will not go past prewash. Both drawers. Pump

Customer Question

Dish drawer will not go past prewash. Both drawers. Pump runs continuously but dishwasher will not progress to next stage.
Note, the power was off for about 8 hours due to system maintenance. Dishwasher operated OK prior to this.
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Webb-Guy replied 10 months ago.

1. With the drawer off (it can be open), press and hold Keylock, then press Start/Pause at the same time for 5 seconds. All LEDs on the control badge should turn on except Keylock. There are four diagnostic levels. After entering Diagnostic, pressing Power cycles through the levels, then Off. Press Start/Pause to activate the selected level. Once a level is activated, Power then turns off and exits Diagnostics.
Keylock + Start/Pause = Level 1
Power = Level 2
   Power = Level 3
     Power = Level 4
       Power = Off

2. The first level is fault code display. Press Start/Pause once. There should be a beep. The last two fault codes recorded are displayed on the cycle selection lights inside the drawer. If none of the lights turn on, then there are no recorded fault codes. A second beep in a few moments indicates end of the display sequence. Press Start/Pause again to repeat if necessary. If you want to reset the recorded fault codes, press and hold Keylock to clear the first code (the second code moves to first position). Press and hold Keylock again to clear the second fault code.

3. Second diagnostic level is Hardware Output, which allows manual testing of drawer components. After entering Diagnostics, Press Power once. All the cycle lights should be on. Start/Pause then selects which component is tested, per the cycle lights. Press Keylock to turn on/activate the selected test (green light on Start/Pause button). Press Keylock again to turn it off. Multiple components can be turned on simultaneously, such as running fill through either the prewash or main wash detergent cup, but the controller board may not allow some items to turn on at the same time during diagnostics.
a. Rinse = LCD backlight (not applicable to integrated models)
b. Delicate = heating element relay (should hear a faint click). CAUTION - DO NOT run the element more than a couple seconds without water in the tub or it will overheat and blow the thermal fuse.
c. Delicate + Rinse = lid motors. Motors run for 10 seconds on to lower the lid. Then 10 seconds when turned off to raise the lid.
d. Fast = detergent diverter. Off - main wash cup. On - prewash cup (water flows through the active cup when filling).
e. Fast + Rinse = water valve.
*f. Fast + Delicate = pump motor in wash/recirculate direction (runs at 2300 to 2850 RPM).
*g. Fast + Delicate + Rinse = pump motor in drain direction (runs at 4200 RPM).
h. Normal = rinse aid. Turn on (press Keylock) to dispense a dose of rinse aid.
i. Normal + Rinse = drying fan.
j. Normal + Delicate = rinse aid LED (signals rinse aid is empty, may have to remove the cap to see it when the dispenser is not empty).
- There may be additional tests, other cycle light combos depending on the model ... some tests work only on prefinished models with LCD, not on integrated models without.

4. Third level is Fast Test Cycle (all cycle lights on except Fast). Close the drawer, press Start/Pause, and a 5-minute test cycle runs -- lid closes, fill, wash, heating element, drain, off.

5. Fourth level is Continuous Cycle (Heavy + Normal + Rinse cycle lights). Close the drawer & press Start/Pause. Whatever was the last cycle selected in normal operating mode will run repeatedly until Power is turned off. To change or select the cycle for continuous test, exit diagnostics, select a cycle, turn off the power, restart diagnostics.