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Dishwasher wont start up error code E14

Customer Question

Dishwasher wont start up error code E14
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Ezekiel replied 1 year ago.

hi I'm Ezekiel I will be helping you are you available

Expert:  Ezekiel replied 1 year ago.

Bosch indicates several error messages to warn you that there is a problem in the machine. If the display is showing E14 and it has a check water beside it, this means the unit is experiencing a filling problem. This may be due to a fault in the flow meter of the unit. The water is flowing but the machine has not registered any.

Turn off the machine and pull it to expose the side. You will see a plastic tank which has the flow meter inside. You should unplug the wire to the switch and put it back again and restart the unit. Keep doing this until the flow meter registers that there is water inside the dishwasher.
Please let me know what you find.

Expert:  Ezekiel replied 1 year ago.

if you believe you cant do this then a technician may be necessary please rate me as that's how the site pays me thanks good luck