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Our Electrolux dishwasher (Mod MEX731CFS2 SN XE91600282)

Customer Question

Our Electrolux dishwasher (Mod MEX731CFS2 SN XE91600282) sits next to a double sink and the drain from the washer ties in to the middle of the drain line from the 2 sinks. There is a single p-trap, immediately down stream of the combined drains. When the dishwasher runs, suds back up in to the 2 sinks. There are more suds in the sink that is closer to the p-trap. Why so we have suds coming back up in to the sinks?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.
Hi If the soap suds are comming back up the sink when the dishwasher is draining out then im afraid its as your tenant says a blockage somewere down the waste outlets for the sink. As the reason the water and soap suds are backing up is because with the dishwasher attched to the pipe work under the sinks then when it goes into drain mode on the dishwasher it pumps the water out with quite a bit of strong pressure. So if theres a blockage further down in the waste plumbing then the water starts to back up and ends up comming up into the sinks.Ive see this a lot were appliances drain out under sinks and the water backs up into the sink. Its nothing to do with the dishwasher soap tablets as that should be able to drain out.As to th left hand side that you say they use as a hand wash then if they use a lot of soap in there then i suppose it could give a problem but nothing too much to be honest.I think its a blockage further down the waste plumbing thats causing the water and sap suds to back up im afraid. Regards
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Daniel: I forgot to mention that the tenant uses both the dishwasher and left sink for washing every day. Yet the back up of suds occurs infrequent; like once per week. Therefore blockage downstream of the p-trap may or may not be the primary cause.
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.
I know what you are saying with it doing it infrequent but when this fault happens its because the water cannot drain out fast enough through the plumbing system so thats why it backs up. Its nothing to do with the dishwasher itself here so you can 100% rule that out. You could tell your tenent to use less power if they use power but if they use the tablet blocks or pouches then they are pre dosed so it cannot cause over sudding. So try that and see if it stops it but if its the same then its a restriction in the plumbing drains somewere causing this fault.