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I have an ariston fridge freezer bcb 31 aa. It is supposed

Customer Question

I have an ariston fridge freezer bcb 31 aa. It is supposed to have an automatic defrost mechanism but it doesn't seem to work. The back panel frosts up quite deep and only melts when I switch it off. The OK sign never lights up. The temperature job is usually about at half way or below because I don't want to over freeze things. Any ideas what could be wrong with the auto defrost. We left it for a few weeks when we went away and some of the items were frozen when we came back.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 1 year ago.


If the auto defrost isnt working in the freezer then its usually either the defrost heater or thermal cut out in there as ths is what does the defrosting in there.

What you need to do is empty the freezer and look at the top of the freezer and the evaporator unit is held to the roof with 2 screws either side.

Remove them and then you can drop the plastic hosuing unit.

Then remove the back panel and then you can remove the plastic hosuing unit fully. There may be a heater in the tray so you will need to disconnect the wires first.

Once thats out you will see the evaporator attched to the roof. Wrapped around that is the heater. Follow the wires to the connector block and test the heater with a multi meter and see if faulty. If so then you need to replace it.

If thats fine then test the thermal cut out. Its usually 2 yellow wires and 2 blue wires. Test the yellow wires and then the blue and see if any of them are faulty and replace.

But if the heater and thermal cut out are both ok then the control unit will be the fault and will need to be replaced here im afraid.

They are the only parts that will cause the auto defrost not to work in there.