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Daniel, Home Appliance Technician
Category: UK Appliance
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Experience:  25+ yrs. experience in white goods repair. NVQ Level 2 electronics manufacturers training courses.
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I have a hot point aqxxl 129 pi and it seems to be stuck on

Customer Question

hi i have a hot point aqxxl 129 pi and it seems to be stuck on main wash and not leaving that step
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: UK Appliance
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.


If you stop it and start a spin only cycle will this work?

Will a rinse only cycle work?


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yeah a spin cycle will work but main wash on different programmes stick. I cleared out water hoses and pump/filter and still no difference. I did notice a fair bit of carbon from motor when checking it
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.


Ok if the wash cycle is sticking on wash but the rinse and spin are fine then its more then likely the wash heater element at fault. As if the heater isnt working then the washer cannot advance to the next stage utill it reaches the temperture it needs to be so it stays on wash just washing all the time.

What you need to do is pull the washer out and remove the back panel.

From here look in the back of the drum towards the bottom and there you will see the heater element.

Disconnect the wires on there and then you need a multi meter to test it. It should be about 28 Ohms. If faulty then you need to replace the heater element and im sure that will sort the fault from there.

Try that and see what happens. If you need anymore info just get back to me.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi DanielI measured 30 ohms. I might take it out and have a look.
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.

Ok if you got 30 Ohms then thats fine.

What you can try is remove the control board at the back on the left which you can see and open the plastic casing.

Take the board out from there and see if theres any signs or burning on there as sometimes you can get a dry joint on the heater relay and ths can cause the fault. So a dab of solder can fix this.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Daniel
All on boards and heat element seem okay. I think it might be the water solenoid valves as I put the was on a rinse . I was waiting a while and still no water in drum. It did sound like water was going in but we have high pressure here so usually we close off water feed valve. I fully opened water feed valve but still what looked like no great flow. After a while I turned off cycle and put on a spin cycle and not much water was pumped out. What do you think
Expert:  Daniel replied 2 years ago.

Ok during the wash do you get any error codes comming up (if you have a display) or flashing lights from it?

As to the water remove the hose from the back and aim it into a bucket and turn it on and see what the water pressure is like there. If its strong there not not when attched to the washer then look in the back of the valve were the fill hose goes to and there you will see a filter. Pull this out and clean it if blocked up and see if this makes a difference.